Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Part II-Christmas Brunch and evening

We went to David's parents house for Christmas brunch. A first for our Christmas traditions

My mother and father in law's treeeeeeeeeee

the boys acting out the Christmas story using the Nativity scene as their props.

Me and my brother in law! yaaay I love stephen

David's surprise gift to meeeeee. I had no clue

at my grandmothers house

i love this pupster

JRU art and photography

follow on to my shutterfly share
Showcase of some of my work

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Part I-Christmas Eve/Early Christmas Morning

Me playing with Dad's flash wishing I had one of my own

yaay for new boots

Looking at the photo book of our wedding pictures my parents had made for us.

Christmas morning kisses

Diamond Dave

Our first married Christmas!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

our first married CHRISTmas!

Well this year marked our first Christmas being married. This meant new schedules, more family to visit, and new traditions.  I normally spend CHRISTmas eve spending the night at my parents house then waking up CHRISTMAS morning to open presents with them.  David is used to obviously spending the night at his parents house and doing CHRISTmas day with his family and the Armstrongs (cousins, aunts, uncles).  This year things were done a little differently.

We spent CHRISTmas eve with my parents. Did dinner, presents, and watched ELF.  It was such a wonderful time together. While we were doing presents, Kaylee got into Kiara's (my mom and dad's golden retriever's crate) and started destuffing her comforter. Dad also busted out the "beef jerky" aka VENISON and I didn't want any part in it. EW.  Everyone loved their gifts.

Christmas Eve was spent with David in our BIG comfy bed waiting for Santa to visit two newly weds the next morning:) We woke up, made some coffee, ate a small snack, then got ready to open our gifts. Before we opened presents we sat and prayed together and gave God glory for the birth of His son. It was such a beautiful thing to be in union in prayer on Christmas morning.  After we opened our gifts we took showers and got ready to head to his parents house.

For his parents we decided to try something new: BRUNCH. It was amazingly wonderful and a new tradition I def could get used to.  His dad and brother were hooked on putting together a puzzle which reminded me of my grandpa.  We used to always get him a new puzzle at Christmas as well.  Memories often attach themselves and stay around regardless of how much time is put between them.  After we ate Dennis read the Christmas story and David and STephen acted it out using the nativity scene.  I haven't laughted quite that hard in awhile. My cheeks were hurting.  We then opened gifts and enjoyed each other's company.  Brenda felt she was supposed to buy us each a toy.  I got a bead kit, and the boys got remote control hummers.  Needless to say the rest of the afternoon was spent with them playing with their cards (easily amused). 

After we left there we came home to let the dogs out and take a quick nap before heading out to my grandmother's house in FArmington for that side of the family.  WE did Secret Santa this year (our first time ever) and it was a HUGE success.

I truely enjoyed this Christmas with all it's new beginnings.  Boots our family cat passed away December 23rd so I had a good cry Christmas Eve as it just didn't feel right with my old bedroom (the room we had shared) being so empty and void of his prescence.  I also really missed by Nan Teague this Christmas.  I really wished she had been able to share my first married CHRISTmas with David and I. 

More pictures will come soon.  Hope everyone else had a blessed and Merrry Christmas.

Today we are going to Charlotte to have CHRISTmas with the Armstrongs!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas decor:)

The green and gold/cream tree turned into the green/red/creame tree.
50% off Martha Stewart bows. :)

The White tree. My favorite!

One of my new additions to the White Tree from Garden Ridge. I'm into birds

presents under the treeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, December 14, 2009

Amy Lyerly's Love and ARt Show

Amy had her first ever Art Show at the ONE building this past Saturday. David and I went to be supportive.
Here are some pictures from the evening. ENJOY

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friday night we (Breaking Point) ministered at the Upper Room.
More pictures to come soon.

I also have pictures from HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS (from yesterday)
I will get those up soon as well.