Sunday, December 19, 2010

CHRISTmas break begins

Friday the 17th, was the last day of school for teachers and students for 2 weeks. I must say being a teacher does have it's perks. 2 weeks off for Christmas break, summers off, etc. I am looking forward to CHRISTmas break and I hope that it travels by slowly giving me time to enjoy and embrace each moment.

So far this weekend I have been doing a lot of the following:
1) drinking tea: particularly RUssian tea (oh so good)
2) reading books (currently I am reading VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER so that my hubby can take me to see the movie sometime this week)
3)picking back up on journaling

I plan to continue to spend more time doing these things and less time wasting on the internet.
I also have been picking up some orders with oh.lovelyoil (more so by word of mouth) which has been keeping me busy. I am not complaining by any means.

This is also the first year EVER that I will be out of town on Christmas.  We (David, me , and his family) are driving up to Indiana on Christmas Eve morning to spend time with his grandmother and uncle.  The whole process was rather emotional for me at first because I honestly just wanted to be at home for Christmas. But the Lord and supportive parents and the husband all helped me to realize that it's going to be okay. 

Looking forward to the next 2 weeks off of work.
Celebrating love, the birth of our Savior, down time, friends, family, and simply doing nothing.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The CHRISTmas trees

Christmas tree number 1
White tree
Color Scheme: purples, silver, teal/blue
Simply divine

new ornament

the infamous KEY ornament I just had to have at Garden Ridge
perfect addition to Tree number 1

Chritmas tree number 2 is petite and traditional.
golds, reds, and greens
Got new red bows for it this year
full length shot

so I have this thing for bird cages. So I had to get one for the tree.
Michaels find for 1.00 can't beat that

Tree number 3 is new this year and a work in progress. I have more ornaments on it now and presents are consuming it. More pictures later

Sunday, December 5, 2010

HOpe for the HOLIDAYS 2010

Here's a little sneak peek from our 2nd annual Hope for the Holidays. We were able to fill 4 tables full of donations and raise 350 plus dollars to give to Crisis Control, the Rescue Mission, The Forsyth Humane Society, and the Children's Home of Winston Salem

it started snowing around 11 am. What a wonderful surprise

Keeping Santa on his toes

BRash nation stopped by. Yes that's my cousin and her family of 5 kids expecting a baby girl in jan

Children's Home table

Forsyth Humane Society table

Rescue Mission and Crisis Control

front of the store

The Gift Tree

Make and Take your own ornament (1.00)

ornament making in the mix.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I promise I am still here.

I promise. Just been busy being a teacher, helping out my cohort, being a wife, trying to juggle time to get some craftiness in, loving on my pooches, serve the Lord, and still find time to breathe. I promise I will do a better job playing catch up. I'm so far behind it's retarded.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New York pictures Part 1

Yes I know we went to New York back in July and it's now September. BUT I am trying to play catch up. Here are the photos to go along with the New York posts that can be found here:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

House Sitting/Dog Sitting

This weekend my parents went out of town to celebrate their anniversary.  David and I brought our 2 dogs and came over to their house to doggy/house sit.  I found a lot of pictures on mom's computer that I wanted for myself so I played around with a few and edited them. I didn't even put a dent in what all I want though.

Aww Kaylee. This was last Christmas when her skin irritation/condition was severe. Looking back now, it was truely pititful to see her have that much hair loss (mostly on her legs so you obviously can't see it in this picture)

Clearly he is a model:)

This was a shot of a decoration from Hope for the Holidays. It reminded me that I need to get up with Amanda to discuss this year's plans/ideas.

This was Christmas last year at my Nan Martin's house. I didn't even know this photo existed.

This will always be a favorite. always

I have also been able to work on some new crafts this weekend. I am super excited to complete them! Will post pix on my art blog soon.
Enjoy your Sunday friends.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

8.29.2010= 1 year

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary August 29th.
This photo was from the night before as we both were in our good friends wedding.
I will post my amazing gift I came up with soon.

Monday, August 23, 2010

As of Late

Whew. I am so behind in uploading pictures and posting about life but here's a quick drive by.

01. I started back to work August 16th and have been extra busy and stressed with all the changes/adjustments taking place at school. Tonight was Open House and the students come back this Wednesday. It's hard to believe another year is here but I am looking forward to the adventures and challenges that may await me.

02. David and I will both be in a wedding this weekend so we have been attending bach. parties.  I am hoping to do my own hair and makeup for this one so tomorrow I will be experimenting with some updos. 

03. Because of number 1 apparently I have been under stressed which has caused me to begin clenching down on my jaw or grinding my teeth or all of the above during the night and maybe even the day which has caused me to experience lots of jaw pain.  So I am wearing a night guard in hopes of a corrective measure with faith that God will heal this mess. 

04. David is about to start teaching Dancing Classrooms soon and I am excited for him.

05. I have a large stack of books left over from summer reading I still need to read, and creative art ideas for days.  Fitting them into my teacher schedule will pose as a challenge.


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Monday, August 9, 2010

Last Days with Nikita

It's only been days since my sweet Nikita had to be put to sleep and for the first time- time has finally started moving again and forward at that.  Its' hard to believe that 20 days ago I was recording her with my Flip video camera just chatting it up-her being her spunky self.  Her last days of normalcy were during the week of us preparing for the garage sale as she was hanging out on the basement steps with Josiah and Kaylee. 

Then I noticed she hadn't touched her dry food in a few days and hadn't been drinking as much of her water.  She started hanging out on the top step from the basement leading up into the main portion of the house which she has never done.  She also began sneezing a whole lot.  I was thinking hey maybe it's just a cold. But then I began to notice other things like her leaning to one side when she walked (almost falling over at times), and her back side was beginning to look horribly skinny. 

I then started my hardcore quality Nikita time.  Every night for a week I took my blanket, pillow, and book downstairs to read as she curled up in my lap.  I began feeding her wet food (making it super soft with water and holding the bowl so she wouldn't sneeze or get congested while eating).  It became an obsession to constantly check on her, spend time with her, be with her.  As those days lingered on and she didn't get any better my heart knew this was no cold.  Something was wrong.  My love was slowly slipping away from me.  I felt death creeping over her and didn't want to believe it, or accept it. Not yet. Just a little more time. 

I found myself not having an appetite and not being able to sleep.  Not exactly sure what I could do for her to make things better but yet also very aware that I could not keep putting myself through such emotional slaughter each night.  So much was lingering in the air and I was smothering in being torn between letting go and denying the obvious.  I called my mom Thursday (the 5th) because I wanted her to look at Nikita and see what she thought so she came over. 

She was very concerned with Nikita's condition and how frail she was.  Not to mention she wasn't pooping anymore.  She then called Ashley who also agreeded that she wasn't looking well at all.  It was decided that because David and I would be going out of town later in the week, it would be best to take her to the vet Friday (the 6th).  We all knew that going to the vet would more than likely involve putting her to sleep due to her old age and condition of health.  I had been very upset and crying since Tuesday but this night was hard.  I didn't want to leave her.  I stayed up letting her lay on me until 12:30 am.  Her breathing changed that night and I wasn't sure if she would make it through the night.

I woke up at 3:40 am and 6:00 am to check on her.  My stomach was in knots all day as I knew that Ashley would be picking her up to go to the vet at 2:30.  I didn't want to be there when she was picked up-couldn't handle watching her be took away from her home of 20 years.  So I left thinking I could get out and do some shopping.  But first I had to say goodbye.  She was purring while I was sobbing telling her goodbye.  Another moment of not being able to tear myself away from her.  Walking out the door knowing that when I would come back she wouldn't be there was rough.  I cried the whole way out the door then called my dad. He told me to come by his work after hearing how upset I was.  I cried the whole way from the gas station, to Dunkin Donuts, to O-Rielly auto parts.

After hanging out there I went to my parents house because my contacts were covered in a tear stained haze.  That's when I got the text from Ashley that Nikita went peaceful and that she has suspected renal failure.  She was to be cremated in the carebear blanket I had given her and had been cuddling with her in.  That was the next flood of tears and loud sobs.  Just hours before she had been downstairs in my basement and now she was....gone. 

The next spout of tears came when I arrived back to my house.  The first thing you see when you walk in is the leather chair she ALWAYS laid in with her pink blankets.  Her food bowls were there, the water bowl, and her cat bed.  Just as if she was still there.  Almost as if she had never left.  I had to call my dad again so I could talk to someone through my sobs as I picked up her blankets-which still smelled like her.  I cleaned up everything (except the litter-I could only do so much) and put the cat stuff in the garage. 

I never knew how attached I had become to Nikita until I realized she had become a part of me somehow.  I've dealt with loss.  I've lost both my mother's parents and our family cat that I grew up with as well as my first family dog.  But for some reason this broke me in ways I hadn't felt before.  She touched a special place in my heart and there she will forever remain.

I will say it is getting easier (as everyone says it will).  Time is the best healer.  And tears.  Emotional breakdowns are welcomed and embraced.  My tears have been so cleansing and no I don't feel stupid that I'm crying over a cat.  Anyone that's ever loved an animal and lost them knows exactly everything I've mentioned or felt.  My moments of crying are slowly having longer distances between them. I cried just the other day that the basement lamp doesn't have to stay on anymore since there's not a living thing down there that needs it.   My memories are starting to bring smiles instead of stabs of pain.  And I will vouch and say that in these moments we do become stronger.  In the midst of it all that doesnt' seem possible but it is. 

During my last days with Nikita I was reminded that I do not like aging and that death brings about the deepest pain.  I was also reminded that we often get so comfotable in our schedules and routines that life becomes just that...a routine.  And sometimes we just expect people or animals to always be there.  But things happen.  And we can't buy back lost time.  I always expected Nikita to greet me when I came in from school, or be at the bottom of the steps crying telling me she needs more water. And I think in my expectations of her always doing those things, I lost out on some quality time because "she'd always be around."  During my last days with Nikita I realized that I don't want to take the people (and pets) I love for granted.  I dont' want to become so self absorbed that I neglect moments to share with them.  I don't want to expect them to always be there thus making an excuse not to call, not to visit, not to just sit and be.

So dear sweet Nikita- thank you for allowing me the opportunity to love you and be loved in return.  Thank you for your companionship.  Sing sweet songs over the Bridge and be sure to take care of Boots and Kramer as well.  I love you and I miss you so much.

RIP sweet Nikita

My baby girl (Siamese) had to be put down last Friday. The past few weeks have been emotional. I plan to blog about it all but just need some more time.

On a lighter, more happier note- my husband and I are on our way to Hilton Head Thursday to get away and celebrate our 1 year a little early.  Haven't been to the beach all summer and am totally looking forward to it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Days/Moments in New York

Thursday evening David and I decided to head back to Times Square in hopes of finding the Target and Central Park.  I also had been itching to go to F.A.O Schw. but David's training ran later that day and we were unable to make it (yet again).  We stopped at a Cuban Cafe for dinner and David ordered the Cuban sandwich and I ordered a turkey and avacado pita.  The food was yummy and David and I engaged in some heart felt conversations over Cuban music. 

Sadly we were unable to locate the Target as we got distracted by the Hershey's Store and M & M store.  The outside lights and attractions were more thrilling than the inside of the store.  I do believe it's all hype and there's only so much you can do with M &Ms.  I had a hard time getting excited over M &M tshirts, banks, and other paraphernalia but some people were a little frantic to grab as much M & M merchandise as possible.  I did enjoy the rainbow assortment of "help yourself" M & M's. THe price per pound however was not enjoyable. 

Time stopped still when I spotted the Forever21 slam in the middle of Times Square.  4 stories. I repeat 4 stories of clothes, accessories, bags, etc to overwhelm shoppers from all over.  I came, I saw, I conquered but again I feel that a lot is just hype, as I walked away empty bagged but not terribly disappointed.  I am more of a online shopper for Forever21 as I am not overwhelmed and have plenty of time and space to browse without being annoyed with people.

David stopped and got some Hot Fresh peanuts. The smallest bag I've ever seen cost him 2 dollars.  We walked back through Manhattan to our hotel so DAvid could iron and prepare for his last day of training.  By preparing I mean looking over notes, and trying to teach me dances.

Friday we got up early to pack as check out was at 12 and David's training was over at 1.  After his training completion we went to grab some lunch.  It was necessary to hit up Maui Tacos again before we left the city.  We stopped in the Comic Book Store which was pretty sweet.  I wanted to find the Archie comics but we had to steer clear of the "adult comics" (woah).  Last stops were Daffys and another H and M.

It took a little bit of time to get a taxi.  For whatever reason we got stuck with the Taxi Driver from H E double hockey sticks.  Not only was it over 100 degrees in the back of the cab, but he insisted on accelerating and slamming on the breaks every few feet.  Traffic was NOT that serious and I felt like I was going to pass out. My stomach dropped a couple times kind of like when you ride a really steep roller coaster.  When we arrived at the airport my whole body was shaking and I felt like I was going to blow chunks everywhere.

David told me that he NEVER gets car sick but his stomach was all over the place and he was feeling sick too.  I had to go sit down for awhile as I was sweating bullets and feeling very sick.  I wanted to change shirts to help cool me off and ease my stomach pains but then I hit my elbow on the bench and started crying with my sunglasses on.  It was VERY special. Worst cab experience EVER. We ended up having to chill in the airport longer than expected due to our flight being delayed (by like 2 hours).  We had a crappy hotdog for dinner and my head was pounding from 5:30 pm to 1:30 am.  Not the best exit/end to the trip. 

But we made it home and have settled back into the swing of normalcy.  Pictures will come soon.

If this post is spastic I am blaming it on my annoying husband who is sitting in the same room doing gymnastics on the new furniture.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

New York Day 4

Yesterday evening after David's training, we walked our way to the SubWay so we could head to Chinatown and Little Italy and the SoHo region of NY.  I had never been on a subway before so this was my first experience.  We got our metro pass and waited in the smoltering heat.  Our ride wasn't long at all and I enjoyed people watching during the ride downtown.  We got off at Canal Street which is basically lined with mini shops. This is where you can get your designer bags and all KINDS of accessories, etc. 

We walked around trying to find somewhere fairly cheap to eat dinner (funds def dwindle down while in NYC).  We found this italian pizzeria and shared an amazing pizza combo (trust me we are ALL about the deals).  We then walked around Soho absorbing the sights and then went shopping in ChinaTown.  ChinaTown is David's kinda venue.  He was able to get : 2 Fedora hats for $5.00 each, a $3.00 belt, a 10.00 belt buckle, and a pair of $5 dollar sunglasses.  Now that is good shopping. Then we walked through Little Italy which was beautifully lit up and full of Italian cuisine and smells.  I could have lingered there for awhile. 

After shopping and being the typical tourists, we got back on the Subway and headed to Grand Central Station.  I snagged a few pictures and then we headed out on the streets to go back to Times Square.  We were ultimately looking for the Target because we had a gift card, but by the time we walked close it was 10:15 and they closed at 10. 

I have a GREAT time in ChinaTown and LittleItaly.  I would def go back.  We were going to ride out to the STatue of Liberty but opted against it as my stomach was cramping and we werent sure where the night would take us. 


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New York Day Tres

This morning I woke up early to talk to David while he got ready for training and then he went and got us breakfast around 7:30.  I hadn't had coffee two days in a row so this morning was a treat to indulge in my dunkin dounuts coffee and biscuit.  Today David will be going to a school in the Bronx to observe an actual teaching of the dances.  I wanted to go but they are tight on space and no extra visitors were allowed. 

Yesterday during the day I was trying to recovery from feeling feverish so I read, slept, read, slept, etc.  David has been able to walk over for lunch so we were able to eat lunch together.  Once he got finished with training he showed me some of the dances and taught me a few steps.  Then we headed out for dinner.  We found this small taco joint called Maui Tacos.  You wouldn't notice it unless familiar with the area as it's space is very small.  We were drawn to the taco special (2 hard or soft tacos plus a drink for 5.99) I ordered beef and David ordered shrimp tacos.  They had a sauce and "condiment" bar (reminded me of a Moe's).  The tacos were very good, obviously more of a Maui style than the typical Mexian tacos I am used to.  They were non greasy and I could have been fine eating just one (as we had also ordered chips and salsa). I was pretty full from one and a half.  We both would def. recommend this as a place to eat in NYC.

After dinner we stayed around Manhatten to do a little shopping.  David needed some dress socks and another dress shirt for training.  We spent a good amount of time in the 3 story H and M store.  I wish we had one in Winston Salem.  We also went to Forever21 (3 stories) and Macy's again.  Before heading back to the hotel we headed to Korean way to check out Red Mango.



They have the BEST frozen yogurt and you get to choose your fruit toppings.  They also have smoothies and parfaits.  I got their Madagascar Vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries and strawberries:) MMMMMM. It was like heaven in my mouth.

On our way back to the hotel the swat team was across the street about a block away with the dogs and weapons. Not sure WHAT was going on but hopefully they got it all figured out. EH.


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Canary YellowFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New York Day Dos

Last night I didn't sleep well at all.  Went through spouts of sweating to chilling and lots of tossing and turning.  I woke up this morning feeling the same (sweating, freezing, sweating). I feel feverish but don't have a thermometer so I've just been struggling in bed while David is up and at em for Day 2 of training.

For those wondering, his first day of training went well. He was on his feet all day as they learned 80% of the dances.  He looks so handsome in his dress pants, dress shirt, and tie.  I am going to make him teach me some of the dances.  There are 42 people here receiving training for Dancing Classrooms.  A lot of them are staying in the same hotel as us. 

Yesterday during the day I began reading Ted Dekker's BLACK (the first in the series), a little internet stuff, showered, watched some crazy documentary on HBO, and more reading.  David walked over to the hotel during their lunch break and we walked down the street so he could get Subway (the 5 dollar footlongs are cheaper than so many other things around here). After his lunch was over I walked around the block and stopped in this Korean accessory shop.  I was in search for something Owlish but ending up buying a cute coffee cup ring instead (didn't feel like dropping a lot of money on some jewerly). AFterwards I just strolled around the block enjoying the city life hustle and bustle and came back to cool down. 

When David got out of training (which is 5 pm each day), we headed down to Time's Square.  WE decided to walk instead of take the subway so that I could see as much as possible.  We had a nice breeze so it was very enjoyable.  On our way we stopped by Bryant Park and I snagged some photos.  A ton of people were out in the lawn area as it was some sort of Film Festival taking place. 

I loved being in Times Square. 

(not my photo)

 Sure beats the streets of Manhatten.  We went to Toys R Us with the giant ferris wheel and multi-levels of endless "inner child" entertainment and giddiness.  I bought me some Toy Story silly bandz.  I wanted a my little pony but David said NO.  I loved the Barbie DReam House and made David go in there with me.  I took a lot of pictures and tried to get David to buy the Edward-Bella-Jacob barbie dolls (he objected rather firmly) lol. 

We ate at Virgil's BBQ in Times Square after I picked up a souvineer for Mom and Dad (and myself).  Virgil's was exceptionally amazing for some quality BBQ.  I ended up ordering the Pulled Chicken and David ordered Lamb. We wanted to head to FAO Schwarz but I got the times mixed up and thought they were opened later when in actuality they closed early and Toys R Us stayed open late.  We also stopped in this beautiful Catholic Church and I got some good shots.  We also went by Radio City Music Hall, Rockefella Center, and the gazillion stores lining the streets of Times Square. 

Overall our adventure had us walking from 31st to 58th street and back not to mention the 5 blocks over to get to Times Square.  Our legs were like jello and we were both ready to come back to the hotel and rest. Man on Fire was on TV so we watched that until lights out.  I stayed up so I could read BLACK.  (Ps. I finished this morning)

One conclusion I came to is this: you can't be overweight and outta shape in New York.  You just don't see heavy set people walking around.  They honestly wouldn't be able to make it.  Talk about a calorie burner. 

Rain is in the forecast for Day 3 so we shall see what this evening will bring for us.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

New York Day Uno

So our flight had us in New York around 10:15 am yesterday.  Something fishy smelling leaked on my bag from the plane and left an annoying odor. At least it was only a small spot.

My first ever taxi car experience since 2000 in Cancun left me grabbing David's hand at the crazy spastic driving I experienced. I for sure thought we were going to get in a wreck.  Our driver had only been driving for 6 months but David told me that he was pretty calm in comparision.

Check in time for the Herald Sqaure Hotel wasn't until 3:00 pm so we got lockers to put our luggage in while we pulled out the attraction and map guide to scope a plan.  The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the city near the hotel exploring the shops and attempting to do some shopping although I was pre cycle and totally a space cadet.  I wasn't in the mood to try on clothes.

My first purchase was from a Sephora store (2 stories) HEAVEN. David immediately found the bargains in the 9 story Macy's and got a 2 belts one for 4 and the other for 6 bucks (both were originally priced at 20.00)

We walked and shopped and walked some more up until check in.  Our room is one of the recent remodeled rooms and I will post pictures later when I get back into town (left my gadgets to upload at home). A nice long nap followed as we had been up since 4 am yesterday morning. 

We were going to head to Time's Square last night but the majority of what we wanted to see was closed being a Sunday so we opted for grabbing a slice of THICK AND GREASY NY pizza, walked around some more, then headed back to the hotel so David could iron his clothes and get ready for training.

I am not a fan of all the stinky city smells but hey such is the life in the city.  I def feel like the minority as everyone around me speaks in a foreign tongue.  I'm hoping to increase my prayer life in terms of gaining some new tongues to pray in. 

Check back in for Day 2

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

New York bound tomorrow!

So the hubbie and I are flying out to New York tomorrow (early am) until the 16th of July for him to get training for the Dancing Classroom program.  (For more info about DC go here: )

We will be staying at the Herald Square Hotel which is right next door to the dance studio where David will receive his training.

I have never been to New York before. David has been 4 times already.  I haven't flown since 2000. Wow.

Well off to continue the endless laundry and packing prepping.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks. 4th of July

In case you missed the fireworks here's some for you:)

Fireworks Recap

The end of the fireworks called for an interview with the husband. (plus i am obsessed with my FLIP video)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


"Our model should be the bible-not the culture" -Damon thompson (via twitter)

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Seek ye first

Seek God in secret. Behind closed doors is where history is made.

The realization is setting in with how misaligned my seeking time has become. Somethings gotta change
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Curtain Hanging Celebration

I have asked for months to have the curtains hung in the master bedroom. It's taken months but finally we had a breakthrough.

Paint Night Number 3

A video blog update of Paint Night number 3. Number 4 goes down tonight and I get to start a new painting!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have the best Daddy

Father's Day was oh so much fun. We surprised my dad with a Hammock and he was like a little boy Christmas. Most precious thing ever.