Sunday, December 19, 2010

CHRISTmas break begins

Friday the 17th, was the last day of school for teachers and students for 2 weeks. I must say being a teacher does have it's perks. 2 weeks off for Christmas break, summers off, etc. I am looking forward to CHRISTmas break and I hope that it travels by slowly giving me time to enjoy and embrace each moment.

So far this weekend I have been doing a lot of the following:
1) drinking tea: particularly RUssian tea (oh so good)
2) reading books (currently I am reading VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER so that my hubby can take me to see the movie sometime this week)
3)picking back up on journaling

I plan to continue to spend more time doing these things and less time wasting on the internet.
I also have been picking up some orders with oh.lovelyoil (more so by word of mouth) which has been keeping me busy. I am not complaining by any means.

This is also the first year EVER that I will be out of town on Christmas.  We (David, me , and his family) are driving up to Indiana on Christmas Eve morning to spend time with his grandmother and uncle.  The whole process was rather emotional for me at first because I honestly just wanted to be at home for Christmas. But the Lord and supportive parents and the husband all helped me to realize that it's going to be okay. 

Looking forward to the next 2 weeks off of work.
Celebrating love, the birth of our Savior, down time, friends, family, and simply doing nothing.

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