Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stuck here

on the couch
waiting for my fever to break
and this sickness to break off of me
I have a lot to accomplish
and I cannot settle for being stuck here feeling bad
Pray for me

Saturday, September 27, 2008

No room for negativity

So I have been sitting here trying to work on Art Show related things and not think about how bad my body is feeling. My neighbors who I loved so very much have been gone since the first of September. Since then I haven't had anyone moving around upstairs as the apartment above mine has been vacant..quiet..undisturbed. Until now. I heard people upstairs walking around then I heard boxes drop to the floor, bangs, and other loud movements. My first reaction was not exactly the most positive. I thought Oh neighbors, I hope they aren't loud and don't stay up late..."they probably won't be as cool as Gary and Jimmy were"...and other retarded thoughts. Before these negative thoughts proceeded the Lord spoke to me and pretty much said, "Jennie STOP." Wow. Talk about a shaking in your bones. Then He said "Be a reflection of Me, show them the LOVE OF CHRIST."

I was quickly reminded of the opportunities we have in our lives to shine as represent Christ. And it all starts with the really small details in our our thoughts, our attitudes, our mindsets, our quick to make judgements,..and so on and so forth. "

So Lord, forgive me for being so quick to think negative thoughts. Help me to see the potential and opportunity in ALL situations to shine as a light for YOU and show the love of God to all people...even new neighbors, even those who do us wrong, even those who persecute us..."

God is constantly speaking to us through our situations and circumstances, He even breaks into our thoughts. I want to be quicker to listen.

Random Afterthoughts...
Still pretty much exstatic for this
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I want a room for prayer. and worship.
where I can just write all over it and draw and paint all over it
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Oh and prayer warriors/intercessors
Pray for the Economy
The Elections
and our Nation.

Friday, September 19, 2008

it's oddly weird

when I am here in the apartment and Josiah (my toy fox terrier) is not. I'm so used to him being here constantly acknowledging my prescence. I just dropped him off at my parent's house since I'm going out of town but...I miss him.

I was reminded of the Lord just now as I typed out "constantly acknowledging my prescence" because this morning in the car I didn't have much to pray out. (I generally interceed and pray on the way to school every morning). This morning it was different. I just was frozen with this peace and the only thing I could really say was "Lord just come into every part of the day today". Halfway to school I heard the word FAITH in my spirit (it's been a repeated word whispered in my spirit as of late" and this bold faith just rose up and I began proclaiming things about today. Simple..intense...silly..serious. but each one had this huge shove of faith behind it as it pushed itself out of my lips and into the air.

Today was a good day. It was a beautiful day. For so many reasons yet no particular reason at all...other than I was reminded of my faith and reminded of how the first thing I thought of was God. I constantly was acknowleding His Presence . I love to celebrate the Lord's goodness.

Have a great weekend to all.
I'm off to the beach for a ministry opportunity.
God speed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cannot wait for this

October promises so many good and exciting things
leaves turning
THE FAIR (i can smell it right now)
football games
cooler weather

Thursday, September 11, 2008


7 years ago.
I remember the exact place I was, what I was doing, and what I was eating.
Today my classroom remembered those who lost their lives in the September 11th, 01 attacks and also discussed heroes. What are heroes? What does that even mean and it turned into a really intense and deep discussion. Some things my students shared are: Heroes are: ..brave, strong, nice, not selfish, risk their lives for other people, save people, help people. ONe of my students lost his father last year. After he raised his hand to continue the word "brave" for our bubble map, he quickly added "yeah just like how my dad was brave when he died".

My heart hurt for him as I thought of my grandmother who died of cancer this past February..she was so brave, she was a fighter. So while my goal was to focus on the heroes of September 11th (firefighters, police men and women, doctors, nurses, civilians, etc), my students took us a to the everyday heros in our lives. I truely was touched.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bless the Lord

Today has been such a good day. God has just filled the day full of sweetness and He is very deserving of glory and honor and praise for being such a sweet and thoughtful God.

This morning at church a part of me that had been so dead over the past months, finally inhaled a breath of life and started breathing again. After Matt (the pastor at MorningStar in Winston Salem) shared the vision of where things are going and showed us the new plot of land and the various phases and purposes I became excited..fired up..ready. All the things I had been struggling with pertaining to certain church related things dissolved and God gave me a new perspective and a FRESH pair of eyes to see how He was about to bring the kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. Glory! (for real).

God's been putting books about prayer before me and I'm gravitated towards it like a magnet. I'm finishing up PUnkMOnk and my heart for prayer has been squeezed by the hand of God and He's obviously trying to show me something.

I just feel there is this movement starting to take place all around me and I can feel it through my veins like electricity. Things are just starting to move and circulate in the spirit and I'm looking forward to the things that will come about with this season of change (fall).

I wanna be face down..lying in your spirit

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Live Jesus Branded

I stumbled across JesusBranded some time last year. I do believe it was God because for so long I had been in search of Christian t shirts that contained something MORE than just the flaky slogans and cheesey graphics. Not that those things are bad by any means, but I knew there had to be someone with such a deeper vision for Christian graphic design.

JesusBranded is that group of people that hold the revelation and spiritual connection to the vine, and in turn create tshirts that minister to others, provoke others, and carry such a special anointing that people stop to comment or take notice of what is on your shirt. I have purchased 4 shirts so far from JesusBranded for myself and 2 for my boyfriend. We both have found ourselves in situations where someone might stop us and ask us about our tshirts, which opens the door to an opporutnity to minister, to share, to talk about Jesus.

And that's what I've always wanted to see in Christian tshirts. So because of stumbling upon Christian Tshirts ,I have been inspired and motivated just by the dream and visions of others, to pursure dreams of my own really go after what God has given me, to not be afraid to step outside the box and just go for it.

Check it out for yourself. They have some really awesome shirts and you might want to grab some for yourself or bless someone else.
Enjoy blogger lovies.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

was really relaxing. I love having breaks from school and I'm sure the kids do too! I found an old journal and the Lord spoke to me regarding some of it's contents. Something def to be in prayer regarding.

Picture heavy.

oh oh
and in your spare time go here
it's for something good
and you get schooled with vocabulary