Saturday, September 27, 2008

No room for negativity

So I have been sitting here trying to work on Art Show related things and not think about how bad my body is feeling. My neighbors who I loved so very much have been gone since the first of September. Since then I haven't had anyone moving around upstairs as the apartment above mine has been vacant..quiet..undisturbed. Until now. I heard people upstairs walking around then I heard boxes drop to the floor, bangs, and other loud movements. My first reaction was not exactly the most positive. I thought Oh neighbors, I hope they aren't loud and don't stay up late..."they probably won't be as cool as Gary and Jimmy were"...and other retarded thoughts. Before these negative thoughts proceeded the Lord spoke to me and pretty much said, "Jennie STOP." Wow. Talk about a shaking in your bones. Then He said "Be a reflection of Me, show them the LOVE OF CHRIST."

I was quickly reminded of the opportunities we have in our lives to shine as represent Christ. And it all starts with the really small details in our our thoughts, our attitudes, our mindsets, our quick to make judgements,..and so on and so forth. "

So Lord, forgive me for being so quick to think negative thoughts. Help me to see the potential and opportunity in ALL situations to shine as a light for YOU and show the love of God to all people...even new neighbors, even those who do us wrong, even those who persecute us..."

God is constantly speaking to us through our situations and circumstances, He even breaks into our thoughts. I want to be quicker to listen.

Random Afterthoughts...
Still pretty much exstatic for this
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I want a room for prayer. and worship.
where I can just write all over it and draw and paint all over it
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Oh and prayer warriors/intercessors
Pray for the Economy
The Elections
and our Nation.


ashley said...

will you fill me in on your neighbors when you do meet them?

i hope they're awesome! living where i am now i have some really great people around and it's made my living experience SO much better than the last.

the_art_of_letting_go said...

SO I met my neighbors last week. Turns out they are my other upstairs neighbors family (her daughter and her friend). So it's kind of cool how that all worked out.