Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Wedding

I love beach weddings. The husband and I attended one last Saturday down in Ocean Isle beach. check out how gorgeous it was:

 The bride and groom being married by my old youth pastor.

It was so simple but so serene.
Starfish lined the aisle the bride walked down. 
Perfect background
They had music but the waves could have been sufficient enough.
The hubby and I had to get a beach photograph as well.
Aren't we adorable?

WE had one day where we made a trek to the beach. Luckily for having a pass to the MB national park grounds we found a perfect spot to lay out. Hotel and multi family vacationers free. 
The only bad part was the wind was picking up and we were being pelted by sand. 
which caused the 2 most pasty people on the beach to head in earlier. 

I can't wait to get back to the beach in August for the anniversary.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day highlights

Meet the dads. On the left side is my daddy, on the right side is David's daddy (my Father in law)

Cookout menu included:
Shrimp, steak, and chicken kabobs,
from the garden grilled zuchinni  and squash
white rice
corn on the cob (on the grill)
this amazing veggie salad that my mother in law made

can you smell the goodness?
Here's my yummy plate

it's quite normal if your mouth is drooling right now

stuffing our faces

Hawk fellas

Dad got a fire pit. He was pretty pumped about the situation

My apologies for just now getting these posted.
We had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to our July 4th cookout as well.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

So cleary I took a blogging break.  Been pondering much. Feeling greatly. Searching frequently. 
and I think  I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.
So here's a picture recap of things that have been going on in the life of Mrs. J Hawk:)
1. Kaylee and I have been doing some mega bonding. I've had her since she was a puppy and granted she is 2 years old (close to 3)...but she's been pretty independent and not really the snuggler type of dog.  All it took was a little discipline with the squirt bottle and her getting on the treadmill with me to run, and now we are thicker than thieves. 

 2. This is the hubby and I on Easter Sunday

 oh you know just hanging out with the flowers

 3. Salem and Josiah are still their typical terrier selves.  Salem just recently licked a frog last week and got really sick.  The things I had read about dogs licking and even eating frogs are not good.  Luckily all she did was constantly lick her mouth every three seconds and then threw up about 3 hours after she licked the frog. I stayed up with her that whole night and got little to no sleep. I am glad to say that she bounced back and was acting normal the next day.  
 4. Here is my lovely mother on Mother's Day.  David and I ended up heading over to my parents house first , then my grandmothers for a cookout, and lastly to his parent's house to celebrate with his momma.  All mother's had a fabulous day. 
 I made mom a cake plate and she loved it!:)

 5. Mom and Dad's big summer project this year is their garden.  This was how it looked back in May. You should see it now. It's completely full of home grown goodness. 

 6. David got to hold a baby at the Mother's Day cookout.  We've been asked a lot about when we are going to start our own lil "Hawk's Nest". In due time we due time.  Needless to say the grandmothers are more than ready for grandbabies to spoil. 
 7. David and I got to be a part of his cousin's (who is one of my good friends as well) wedding at the end of May.  Here we are dolled up to head to the rehearsal and dinner. Of course we had to include the fur babies in the photo shoot. 

8. Love remains. Even when everything else around us may be falling apart, we are still constant...we still go on.

9. I have 2 more days of school with my students and have recently started my classroom blog which is here:
you should go and follow and support my teacherish posts as well
After my last 2 days with the students I have a few teacher work days to put in...and then summer break is MINE!!!

10. I have started buckling down on my weight and fitness which I will be posting about separately very soon. 

Hope you're ready for more of me, because I'm planning on sticking around.