Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Spring Break

Spring Break is finally here.  Yesterday was half day workshop then back to school to get some planning/work done.  I am grateful to have some time off to relax and just rest.  However, i have been battling some stomach pain/issues for about 2 weeks now.  The pain is on my right side and will come and go. At times it can make me feel very much sick. YUCK.  I went to the doctor last Wednesdays ago and answered a lot of questions, did a lot of describing only to have to do stool samples and start taking an anit spasim medication for the bloating/gas/pain in stomach.  Despite the meds I still have been experiencing pain (it's been a week since the appointment).  My stool samples came back all normal so now I think the next step is getting an ultra sound done.  This is a huge interference with me enjoying my spring break and I am praying God's healing just rocks my stomach back to normal status.

I am planning to finish organizing/spring cleaning.  Today I was able to clean the house and I organized the master bathroom cabinets under the sink as well as my nightstand.  There are still some rooms/spaces that loom over my head but they will have to wait. 

I am super excited because Mega Thrift is having a 50% off the entire store sale tomorrow and I will totally be there when the doors open.  :)

PS: did I mention that it flurried yesterday here in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Yes it's true. and it's been cold.  Now that is not springish at all.