Friday, September 19, 2008

it's oddly weird

when I am here in the apartment and Josiah (my toy fox terrier) is not. I'm so used to him being here constantly acknowledging my prescence. I just dropped him off at my parent's house since I'm going out of town but...I miss him.

I was reminded of the Lord just now as I typed out "constantly acknowledging my prescence" because this morning in the car I didn't have much to pray out. (I generally interceed and pray on the way to school every morning). This morning it was different. I just was frozen with this peace and the only thing I could really say was "Lord just come into every part of the day today". Halfway to school I heard the word FAITH in my spirit (it's been a repeated word whispered in my spirit as of late" and this bold faith just rose up and I began proclaiming things about today. Simple..intense...silly..serious. but each one had this huge shove of faith behind it as it pushed itself out of my lips and into the air.

Today was a good day. It was a beautiful day. For so many reasons yet no particular reason at all...other than I was reminded of my faith and reminded of how the first thing I thought of was God. I constantly was acknowleding His Presence . I love to celebrate the Lord's goodness.

Have a great weekend to all.
I'm off to the beach for a ministry opportunity.
God speed.

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