Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unwelcomed snow days

Today marks day 3 of no school. Another day lost for testing. Another day to make up. Another day of stir craziness. I love snow don't get me wrong. But when it starts robbing our school calendar of school days I become a little agitated. Sadly I cannot say I have been overly productive during my time off. I actually at times haven't known what to do with myself. The following list is how I have been spending my snow days:
1) Going to bed later than usual (school nights I am a grandma: bed between 9:30/10- snow days bed: 12:30 M). and getting to sleep in til 8 (beats 5:50 am)
2) Watching the X Men trilogy with my husband. EAch night we watched one. I am ready for 4. Will there be 4?
3) Working on a hair bow holder. Pink/White and Zebra print as well as listing a few things in the shop
4) Gradual socialization with Salem to the crew (yes we got a new dog) will blog more about her later
5) drinking coffee in large quantities
6) playing with the pups in the snow
7) napping
8) reading
9) I did do some teacher related things today such as grade a gazillion papers and look at how butchered my lesson plans are for this week.
10). Started a new devotional with my husband.

Praying that we get back to school tomorrow. Scrapers: get busy. Sun: melt away the snow/ice.

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