Monday, August 23, 2010

As of Late

Whew. I am so behind in uploading pictures and posting about life but here's a quick drive by.

01. I started back to work August 16th and have been extra busy and stressed with all the changes/adjustments taking place at school. Tonight was Open House and the students come back this Wednesday. It's hard to believe another year is here but I am looking forward to the adventures and challenges that may await me.

02. David and I will both be in a wedding this weekend so we have been attending bach. parties.  I am hoping to do my own hair and makeup for this one so tomorrow I will be experimenting with some updos. 

03. Because of number 1 apparently I have been under stressed which has caused me to begin clenching down on my jaw or grinding my teeth or all of the above during the night and maybe even the day which has caused me to experience lots of jaw pain.  So I am wearing a night guard in hopes of a corrective measure with faith that God will heal this mess. 

04. David is about to start teaching Dancing Classrooms soon and I am excited for him.

05. I have a large stack of books left over from summer reading I still need to read, and creative art ideas for days.  Fitting them into my teacher schedule will pose as a challenge.


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