Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New York Day Dos

Last night I didn't sleep well at all.  Went through spouts of sweating to chilling and lots of tossing and turning.  I woke up this morning feeling the same (sweating, freezing, sweating). I feel feverish but don't have a thermometer so I've just been struggling in bed while David is up and at em for Day 2 of training.

For those wondering, his first day of training went well. He was on his feet all day as they learned 80% of the dances.  He looks so handsome in his dress pants, dress shirt, and tie.  I am going to make him teach me some of the dances.  There are 42 people here receiving training for Dancing Classrooms.  A lot of them are staying in the same hotel as us. 

Yesterday during the day I began reading Ted Dekker's BLACK (the first in the series), a little internet stuff, showered, watched some crazy documentary on HBO, and more reading.  David walked over to the hotel during their lunch break and we walked down the street so he could get Subway (the 5 dollar footlongs are cheaper than so many other things around here). After his lunch was over I walked around the block and stopped in this Korean accessory shop.  I was in search for something Owlish but ending up buying a cute coffee cup ring instead (didn't feel like dropping a lot of money on some jewerly). AFterwards I just strolled around the block enjoying the city life hustle and bustle and came back to cool down. 

When David got out of training (which is 5 pm each day), we headed down to Time's Square.  WE decided to walk instead of take the subway so that I could see as much as possible.  We had a nice breeze so it was very enjoyable.  On our way we stopped by Bryant Park and I snagged some photos.  A ton of people were out in the lawn area as it was some sort of Film Festival taking place. 

I loved being in Times Square. 

(not my photo)

 Sure beats the streets of Manhatten.  We went to Toys R Us with the giant ferris wheel and multi-levels of endless "inner child" entertainment and giddiness.  I bought me some Toy Story silly bandz.  I wanted a my little pony but David said NO.  I loved the Barbie DReam House and made David go in there with me.  I took a lot of pictures and tried to get David to buy the Edward-Bella-Jacob barbie dolls (he objected rather firmly) lol. 

We ate at Virgil's BBQ in Times Square after I picked up a souvineer for Mom and Dad (and myself).  Virgil's was exceptionally amazing for some quality BBQ.  I ended up ordering the Pulled Chicken and David ordered Lamb. We wanted to head to FAO Schwarz but I got the times mixed up and thought they were opened later when in actuality they closed early and Toys R Us stayed open late.  We also stopped in this beautiful Catholic Church and I got some good shots.  We also went by Radio City Music Hall, Rockefella Center, and the gazillion stores lining the streets of Times Square. 

Overall our adventure had us walking from 31st to 58th street and back not to mention the 5 blocks over to get to Times Square.  Our legs were like jello and we were both ready to come back to the hotel and rest. Man on Fire was on TV so we watched that until lights out.  I stayed up so I could read BLACK.  (Ps. I finished this morning)

One conclusion I came to is this: you can't be overweight and outta shape in New York.  You just don't see heavy set people walking around.  They honestly wouldn't be able to make it.  Talk about a calorie burner. 

Rain is in the forecast for Day 3 so we shall see what this evening will bring for us.

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