Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Days/Moments in New York

Thursday evening David and I decided to head back to Times Square in hopes of finding the Target and Central Park.  I also had been itching to go to F.A.O Schw. but David's training ran later that day and we were unable to make it (yet again).  We stopped at a Cuban Cafe for dinner and David ordered the Cuban sandwich and I ordered a turkey and avacado pita.  The food was yummy and David and I engaged in some heart felt conversations over Cuban music. 

Sadly we were unable to locate the Target as we got distracted by the Hershey's Store and M & M store.  The outside lights and attractions were more thrilling than the inside of the store.  I do believe it's all hype and there's only so much you can do with M &Ms.  I had a hard time getting excited over M &M tshirts, banks, and other paraphernalia but some people were a little frantic to grab as much M & M merchandise as possible.  I did enjoy the rainbow assortment of "help yourself" M & M's. THe price per pound however was not enjoyable. 

Time stopped still when I spotted the Forever21 slam in the middle of Times Square.  4 stories. I repeat 4 stories of clothes, accessories, bags, etc to overwhelm shoppers from all over.  I came, I saw, I conquered but again I feel that a lot is just hype, as I walked away empty bagged but not terribly disappointed.  I am more of a online shopper for Forever21 as I am not overwhelmed and have plenty of time and space to browse without being annoyed with people.

David stopped and got some Hot Fresh peanuts. The smallest bag I've ever seen cost him 2 dollars.  We walked back through Manhattan to our hotel so DAvid could iron and prepare for his last day of training.  By preparing I mean looking over notes, and trying to teach me dances.

Friday we got up early to pack as check out was at 12 and David's training was over at 1.  After his training completion we went to grab some lunch.  It was necessary to hit up Maui Tacos again before we left the city.  We stopped in the Comic Book Store which was pretty sweet.  I wanted to find the Archie comics but we had to steer clear of the "adult comics" (woah).  Last stops were Daffys and another H and M.

It took a little bit of time to get a taxi.  For whatever reason we got stuck with the Taxi Driver from H E double hockey sticks.  Not only was it over 100 degrees in the back of the cab, but he insisted on accelerating and slamming on the breaks every few feet.  Traffic was NOT that serious and I felt like I was going to pass out. My stomach dropped a couple times kind of like when you ride a really steep roller coaster.  When we arrived at the airport my whole body was shaking and I felt like I was going to blow chunks everywhere.

David told me that he NEVER gets car sick but his stomach was all over the place and he was feeling sick too.  I had to go sit down for awhile as I was sweating bullets and feeling very sick.  I wanted to change shirts to help cool me off and ease my stomach pains but then I hit my elbow on the bench and started crying with my sunglasses on.  It was VERY special. Worst cab experience EVER. We ended up having to chill in the airport longer than expected due to our flight being delayed (by like 2 hours).  We had a crappy hotdog for dinner and my head was pounding from 5:30 pm to 1:30 am.  Not the best exit/end to the trip. 

But we made it home and have settled back into the swing of normalcy.  Pictures will come soon.

If this post is spastic I am blaming it on my annoying husband who is sitting in the same room doing gymnastics on the new furniture.

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