Thursday, July 15, 2010

New York Day 4

Yesterday evening after David's training, we walked our way to the SubWay so we could head to Chinatown and Little Italy and the SoHo region of NY.  I had never been on a subway before so this was my first experience.  We got our metro pass and waited in the smoltering heat.  Our ride wasn't long at all and I enjoyed people watching during the ride downtown.  We got off at Canal Street which is basically lined with mini shops. This is where you can get your designer bags and all KINDS of accessories, etc. 

We walked around trying to find somewhere fairly cheap to eat dinner (funds def dwindle down while in NYC).  We found this italian pizzeria and shared an amazing pizza combo (trust me we are ALL about the deals).  We then walked around Soho absorbing the sights and then went shopping in ChinaTown.  ChinaTown is David's kinda venue.  He was able to get : 2 Fedora hats for $5.00 each, a $3.00 belt, a 10.00 belt buckle, and a pair of $5 dollar sunglasses.  Now that is good shopping. Then we walked through Little Italy which was beautifully lit up and full of Italian cuisine and smells.  I could have lingered there for awhile. 

After shopping and being the typical tourists, we got back on the Subway and headed to Grand Central Station.  I snagged a few pictures and then we headed out on the streets to go back to Times Square.  We were ultimately looking for the Target because we had a gift card, but by the time we walked close it was 10:15 and they closed at 10. 

I have a GREAT time in ChinaTown and LittleItaly.  I would def go back.  We were going to ride out to the STatue of Liberty but opted against it as my stomach was cramping and we werent sure where the night would take us. 


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