Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kiara Laura

My mom and dad own 2 dogs. Cyrus (on the left) and Kiara (on the right).  Kiara is a golden retriever queen and my mother's pride and joy.  The dog she always wanted as a child but never had.
I've been spending a lot of time visiting the Queen in hopes it will make her perk up and feel better. 

 Mom took her to the vet a week and a half ago due to her peeing a lot and drinking a lot.  The vet did blood work and they found sugar in her urine.  This is obviously a hint of possible diabetes but they wanted to put her on antibiotic and recheck in a week in case it was a fluke or some sort of infection.

Since then Kiara has had her moments of high energy as well as resting and not feeling good.  She's even woke mom and dad up in the middle of the night to potty as well as had a few accidents during the day.  I've went a couple times during my last days of summer freedom to let her out and just chill with them. 
The above picture is her grinning as I was eating my Happy Meal during one  visit. She loves food. But    has not been allowed to eat table scraps or anything extra during her weekly waiting period.
 Plants from my parent's house
 Smiling. Being outside with pop.:)
 Purple shamrocks. These are my fave.
Her vet appointment has been changed from Friday to tomorrow due to her still drinking and peeing large amounts as well as her eye started watering.  They will test her blood again and then we will find out if it's diabetes or not.

Please be in prayer for sweet Kiara.  We all want her to feel better and find some answers.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seeking for Wisdom 02

Proverbs 11:28- A life devoted to things is a dead life..a stump.
A God shaped life is a flourishing tree.

(as scribbled in my journal)
Priorities, priorities, priorities
If lady wisdom were around she'd probably be shaking her head with that tsk, tsk, tsk thing going on.  It seems like more and more there are more and more distracting things thrown into our already ADHD worlds (things, things, things).
it's a fight to see if we are really making the right priorities
What we are holding and valuing in the highest regard.
What things are demanding our attention and are they even worth gaining our attention?
Our we God pleasing? or man pleasing? 
Is living Kingdom minded a fashion fleeting away or are we the pioneers of a revolution of God seeking, God fearing, power shaking, earth changing warriors?
Is it my four and no more?
Do we recognize the God shaped life?
I want a God shaped that flourishes, thrives, grows, evolves into eternal goodness. 
Shake everything that can be shaken.
Starting with our priorities.

i love with the Lord speaks through wisdom.