Sunday, March 11, 2007

sickened but not silenced

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I am sickened by our society, repulsed by the things I read in the paper or see in the news. What a sick and cruel world we exist in and how anyone can sit there and not want to fight for the souls that stumble through the devil's playground, shows how cold and hard the hearts have become. In the paper a few days ago told a story of a 20 year old who shot a 14 year old. They were neighbors and the 20 year old shot the 14 year old in the chest in his own yard. All over..
a game. The 14 year old who died was a cousin of one of my students. Another account of disgust from our society that I heard about recently was how some teens decided it would be cool to give 2 and 3 year olds some marijuana and video tape it. I'm sure they were stoned out of their minds and thought it would be a good idea..but it's still gross and proves the enemy is going after our youth hardcore (2 years old?) Abortion is evidence that the attack begins even younger (conception).

Young girls compromise their souls and their purities for a night of "feel good" pleasure that will not linger but eventually torment and haunt them. With each boy, another part of their soul is given away until they are left broken, empty, feeling worthless and used. Self mutiliation leaves scars and wounds that can never be healed by bandaides or covered by clothes. Shrinks,doctors, and therapy sessions will still leave a void for many troubled teens. What dominates our society? The media, packed full of sex, lust, drugs, celeb status, and is constantly shoved down the throats of our youth and blinding their eyes.

So when did it become okay for us Christians to sit back and let the enemy take the hearts and souls of our children? He didn't even really have to take it forcefully; for somewhere down the road it was submitted. All the ones that turned their eyes, avoided the crisis that slowly poked it's head into our everyday lives. The voices that shrinked back into silence. The families that thought they were exempt from the whores, druggies, and cutters that roamed the halls of their children's schools. The silence..the hiding..the denial..the refuse..turned it over into the hands of death.

So we have a crisis situation that plagues our youth and we are the ones who must make a decision. What
do???? It's not rocket science and you don't have to be super spiritual to pray for revelation. The writings on the walls and it's blood falls before us. Our society has become like the wicked people of Judah in Isaiah chapter 1. The church is falling prey at a close second. But the hungry remnant warriors will be the ones who stand in opposition and stand in the gap for the mistakes and silence of those who were before us.

We will begin to put our foot down, open our mouths and scream ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!. We say NO MORE. These cries have already started to errupt and shake the gates of hell. I am one of the ones who will fight to take back what the enemy has stolen. I fight to take back the hearts and souls of our youth. I fight for purity. I will fight for revival. I will fight for the end of abortion. I fight for the fatherless. I am one of the ones who will open my big ole mouth and speak forth love, Jesus, God, theWord!. I will fight for my students who have no respect due to their lack of a strong male father figure in their lives. It is my students who motivate me to speak forth. Their role models are B.E.T and 50 cent. Their aspiring careers are to be a "G" and have grillz and ride on 24 inch rims. They come to school hungry, with holes in their teeth, and tears in their clothes. Their thinking and reasoning have been limited and shaped by a society and goverment that sets them up to fail and slaps the answer to life in their hands titled "welfare".

Open your eyes. look around.
we have plenty to be fighting for.
Mount Up
(c) Jennie Ingram 3/10/07 during quiet time before the Lord.

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