Friday, June 15, 2007

The Elijah Revolution

I'm nearing the closure of reading The Elijah's Revolution by Jim W Goll and Lou Engle. Today I read about the balance between the Church and the State as well as how prayer was taken out of the schools. I revisited some information I had looked up after the VA tech shootings and found Madalyn Murray O'Hair. She was a woman who founded American Atheists, and campaigned for the separation of church and state. She also was responsible for this:

In 1960, Murray filed a lawsuit (Murray v. Curlett) against the Baltimore, Maryland School District in which she claimed it was unconstitutional for her son William to be required to participate in Bible readings at Baltimore public schools. She further claimed that her son's refusal to partake in the Bible readings had made him the victim of violence from other classmates that she claimed was overlooked by administrators. (William later publicly stated that her claims of his being a victim of violence were fraudulent; see below.) In 1963, this suit (amalgamated with the similar Abington School District v. Schempp) reached the United States Supreme Court which voted 8-1 in her favor, effectively banning "coercive" public prayer and Bible-reading at public schools in the United States. (For more information see this site or google search her:'Hair

So as I continued to read and God put me in rememberance of the fury this stirred in my spirit I was overwhelmed with a burden to start doing what our forefathers did not do. Press in, be a voice, NO TOLERANCE to these things that we have allowed to take place. Silence will get us nowhere. We pretty much let an Atheist take prayer and bible readings out of our schools and didn't do a darn thing about it. Something about that sits horribly within my spirit.

I have included what Lou and Jim say regarding the seperation of the Church and the State because I think it is worth reading and worth sharing. I pray it speaks to you and stirs a zealous passion to begin intercessing and crying out to take back what is God's!!

" During recent decades the Church sat largely silent while the nation's godly heritage was gradually stripped away through legislation and court decisions. Almost without a fight the people of God yielded the field to the enemies of truth, surrendering biblical principles and values to the God denying forces of humanism and rationalism.

Jesus defined the proper balance between Church and state when He said, "Render to Ceasar the things that are Ceasar's and to God, the things that are God's (Mk 12:17) Much of the country's problems stem from the fact that the Church has rendered to Ceasar things that never were Ceasar's to start with, yielding to the state prerogatives that God never gave to the state. God never gave the state jurisdiction over public prayer or the authority to regulate personal expressions of faith. He never assigned to the state the right to define the parameters or relative value of human life, whether unborn or otherwise. God never relegated to the state the prerogative to redefine the family or to rewrite moral standards according to personal whim so that virtually anything is "acceptable." God never rendered these things to Ceasar, but the Church did! We, the blood bought Church of Jesus Christ, surrendered them through inattention and neglect.

This is why we fast and pray. This is why we cry out.


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