Thursday, May 21, 2009

in and outs of the day to day grind

As the end of May is drawing to a close, I am still in the process of keeping my head on straight and completing the ins and outs of each day.  There have been struggles and celebrations, trials and victories, and always another mountain to climb or get out of the way.  But God is still my HELPer and His GRACE is sufficent.  I also know that in my weakness He is STRONG. So here is a brief rundown of updates in the life of me
:1: the school year is reaching it's closure weeks and all the teachers are counting down. I myself haven't officially started but I do know that I will be embracing June 12th which is the last student day. Not to mention the only countdown I've been doing lately is WEDDING! Teachers have to stay until the 17th and at my school we will be busy moving into our new building/school. BUSY BUSY weeks ahead
:2: Wedding planning continues to move along.  Wedding showers will start in June and I am looking forward to that, praying that we have exciting turnouts.  We still have some things to pay off but the invitations are PAID FOR and on their way. I am excited for that and will be starting to assemble and address envelopes in June.  Dad, mom, and I narrowed our choices down for the bridal portrait shots that will be blown up for the reception.  It was def really hard to do but we finally moved forward. 
:3: May 30th is the auction (which is also mother's birthday). The previous Friday and that Saturday are going to be completely CRAZY at my house.  David and I have been praying though regarding the auction and all associated with it.
:4: Earlier this week I had some problems with ants. EW. I know that the house had some trouble with ants in the past but I wasn't prepared for what I walked into earlier this week in the kitchen.  With much helpful tips and remedies, I sat out some bowls of vinegar in the kitchen and washed the cracks and places with the vinegar/water solution.  The first day there were some ants that had crawled in the bowl and died.  Since then I haven't had near as many problems.  I am also going to try the chalk remedy as well.
:5: Our next bible study session will be started June 2nd and I am super excited.  I have to drop by Lifeway soon and check out their Beth Moore series and pray and see what direction God wants us to head.
this shall do for now. It sure beats the short SMS posts I've been lazily doing.

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