Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pretending that I am here while writing this entry while in actuality I'm just in the blue room at 6940. I really am longing for a vacation because the staycation of Winston Salem isn't doing me so well.

David and I are still trying to find a honeymoon spot. Be praying God opens a door.

I am in recovery from strep throat. Apparently it was going around at Summer Camp and I got the germs passed on one day when I worked last week. Yesterday was worse with a fever, but today has been MUCh better. Sadly though, David is not feeling well and has been feverish. Dad was feeling bad but he went to the doctor and was negative for strep. I'm praying God heals David's body and he doesn't have to deal with the full blown virus.

We finished (we as in me, mom, dad, Brenda, Amanda, and David--TEAM EFFORT)assembling the invitations. I was going to mail them out today however mom and everyone else on board feels it would be better to wait until after the 4th since a lot of people will be out of town or traveling. So that's what we are going to do.

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