Sunday, September 20, 2009

I can smell FALL in the air.

The weather seems to be starting to cool down and I will embrace that with both arms. I always say that summer is my favorite season but more and more as I get older, I am starting to think that FALL is taking summer's place in my heart.  Our house is across the street from West Forsyth High School so Friday night's we often hear the announcer and drumline from the football games.  Football season is here and David is super excited about watching his Colts play tomorrow. I'm more of a basketball girl than football but I can deal with some pigskin.

I also am in high anticipation for the leaves changing colors, the colors of falls: rusks, browns, oranges, PUMPKINS, the FAIR!!!!, cool weather, ahhhh I cannot wait. The Dixie Classic Fair starts October 2nd and I am so pumped about it.  Even more exicted for the fact that I will get to go with my HUSBAND!  Another reason I embrace fall is that it represents CHANGE. And I can smell the wind that is starting to roll in..and this going to be for the better.

This weekend David and I went to Target and got a few things from our registry that we did not receive. We still have about 200 dollars left to spend there in gift cards. Shopping is delightfully fun:) David also found me a really cute red COACH bag at a yardsale (slightly worn but still the bomb).

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ashley said...

isn't it amazing how the air can smell so many different ways.

nate often mocks me when i go outside and i stop and breath in really deeply and i say...

"mmm... smells like october!"

summer was my old favorite but my anticipation for fall these last couple of years is telling me that it has been replaced.

and i plan on carving some awesome pumpkins this year :]

i'll be sure to show pics of the place ASAP :]]]