Friday, October 2, 2009

Brown and blue master bedroom ideas

So now that we own the house means that soon we can start painting/remodeling.
Our bedding is brown and blue.
So we are going to paint the room in accordance.
Brown walls or blue? that is the question


Michelle said...

We are doing the same thing with our bedroom. We chose brown walls with a pale blue/grey for the trim and ceilings. We're painting the brown today so we'll see how it goes. These pictures are encouraging..

mikesgirl2109 said...

can you please email me the colors you used in this picture. i have been looking for the right brown and blue combo and i believethis is the best one i've seen so far. thank

mikesgirl2109 said...

what colors did you use? obviously brwon and blu but do you know that exact colors/names...thank you!!

LTCozine said...

Hi, I this is exactly what I've been looking for. Job well done! If you can recall the brand and names of the brown and blue you used, I'd appreciate an email.

Thanks! said...

I LOVE THIS...please send me the brand name and the exact colors of the chocolate and turquiose you used

Mary said...

I love the rich color of the brow in the blue and brown bedroom, Could you please e-mail me the names of both of those colors,