Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I'd like to do..

I love this gray chair and the whole decor of the room.  Gray is in a lot of our color schemes for the house remodel project.  Oh the house remodeling project. As a new year is in place I am constantly finding myself wanting to make changes, wanting to stick to my goals.  With that comes just small, fun, and simple things I want to do. Such as:

1) Continue reading lots of books. I haven't set a number yet. I think I will go with 100. I want that to be a mixture of novels as well as Christian growth/tool books. With the internet and Kindles and all the other technological innovations it's taken the excitement out of simply sitting down on the couch with a blanket and reading a book (being able to dog ear the pages, doodle in the margins, let the dogs drool on it).

2). Stay faithful in my journey to reading the Bible in a year. Today marks day 27 since the first of the year and I have had 27 days in a row of being disciplined to get in the word. It's been a beautiful thing thus far.

3) Find the motivation from above to apply to getting on the treadmill and utilizing my equipment as well as walking the dogs. Time management. Must make time.

4) Journal. I'm feel this comes up a lot and I know it's because i havne't been doing it but it's a part of me.  It's something I've always done. I just need to remember how again.

Happy Thursday all.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet Salem

After volunteering at the Animal Shelter I met this precious, submissive, uniquely colored dog named "Pookie" at the time.  I worked with one of the shelter workers on socializing her and doing some training with her.  I felt drawn to her and something in my gut said "I will rescue this girl".
So needless to say after talking my husband into adding a 3rd dog to the pack, and making preparations (filling out adoption papers, paying fees, picking her up from the vet, going through gradual pack introductions due to spay surgery), she is making her transition nicely into 6940. 
I introduce to you: Salem Hawk

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unwelcomed snow days

Today marks day 3 of no school. Another day lost for testing. Another day to make up. Another day of stir craziness. I love snow don't get me wrong. But when it starts robbing our school calendar of school days I become a little agitated. Sadly I cannot say I have been overly productive during my time off. I actually at times haven't known what to do with myself. The following list is how I have been spending my snow days:
1) Going to bed later than usual (school nights I am a grandma: bed between 9:30/10- snow days bed: 12:30 M). and getting to sleep in til 8 (beats 5:50 am)
2) Watching the X Men trilogy with my husband. EAch night we watched one. I am ready for 4. Will there be 4?
3) Working on a hair bow holder. Pink/White and Zebra print as well as listing a few things in the shop
4) Gradual socialization with Salem to the crew (yes we got a new dog) will blog more about her later
5) drinking coffee in large quantities
6) playing with the pups in the snow
7) napping
8) reading
9) I did do some teacher related things today such as grade a gazillion papers and look at how butchered my lesson plans are for this week.
10). Started a new devotional with my husband.

Praying that we get back to school tomorrow. Scrapers: get busy. Sun: melt away the snow/ice.