Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas is...

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Christmas is so different to me this year. My heart has been shifted towards people, others, family, friends, loved ones, strangers in a way I have not felt nor experienced before. Not saying that I’ve always been this selfish person, but this year I could care less about ME and what I get or don’t get.

This year Christmas is:

*anticipation of seeing my students’ faces light up with excitement as we take delight in all our Christmas festivies this week at school. Extending a gesture of love in hopes that somehow it will mean something and make a different. I want Christmas to be special for them.

*the longing for those without Jesus in their lives, to receive the BEST gift ever given…A SAVIOR.

*reaching out to those that are in NEED. the art of giving..and it’s not necessarily all about money all the time. It’s so much more but yet a lot simpiler than we allow it to be. Giving of time, attention, frienship/companionship, love, a listening ear, ….

*Spending time with family and thanking God for them being in my life. Life is too short to take our loved ones for granted. My grandmother has bone cancer and is in the hospital and they say she might get to come home for Christmas.

*all the decorations and how they bring me back to my childhood memories

Let us not get caught up in the hustle bustle, gotta get the presents, money, materialistic side of the holidays. There is so much more than the exterior.

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unxpektd said...

I love this blog topic and I just want to add my two cents to it. I think most people miss the true reason to why we give gifts in the first place. God gave his son Jesus to us as our gift, that we may have life and have it more abundantly. I believe that is the greatest gift of all. To reflect on your blog, I also believe that Christmas is a time to give the gift of love to others; not material items to try and please the flesh, but true love that God showed when He gave us Jesus.