Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Frozen words

X posted in my tumblr (hah yeah don't ask I just stumbled upon it)

My journal has remain untouched except for when I need to jot down a scripture or related revelation, or when I attend The Well and God begins moving. This lapse of written word has been the norm for the past months. I miss having words spew over and I miss knowing what to do with them. Now it just seems, they remain in this frozen state and I can only stare waiting for something to come along and melt them back into existence.

Until they ignite a flame,

I will take it by force

So thus it starts with this.

with hopes something productive and meaningful will come out of it.

collect these thoughts and give them life.

On the flip side, there are particular things in my life in which the words are there just waiting for their chance to break forth, but the intensity requires a “holding period” and again I ..must…wait. Silence finds it’s way to my lips and forces me to swallow the words that describe the way I feel inside.

confused yet? Don’t’s just a day in the life of little ole me:)


zanne said...

-i know that feeling. don't worry. a word in due season is sweetest.

-on brooke: she sings w/ hillsong united (e.g. songs "hosanna" "lord of lords" and "none but jesus") too. she's got an official site (her a myspace page too if u wanna chk her out.

unxpektd said...

i hear you one hundred percent. i'm new ot this blogging thing and i started it because i often have thoughts and reflections that i feel are better written down. the problem i'm having is i'm not the best at getting my thoughts down on paper the same way they appear in my head. my finished product is never what i intended it to be. hmm, that was the best thing ive written in a while lol