Sunday, June 29, 2008

the Lord's love is VIBRANT

First I must say the Art Show was a HUGE success and as soon as I get pictures uploaded I will share them with the blog world:). God really is faithful and He stepped out and met me half way and did the rest for me.

Last night at the Well I was over in my usual corner and began praying and worshipping. What you must know and understand is that I always generally am in this corner and I know the lines and cracks in the floor and everything. But last night I noticed something I had not noticed before. There was a heart that had been drawn and inside it said Chase loves Jesus. Chase had actually been on my heart the day before so this was really special to me. (Ps. CHASE if you ever read this just know there are people that still think of you and pray for you)

So I stooped down to look at this heart again and all of a sudden I became burdened with God's heart and it felt like it was breaking. Kind of how it feels when you may have ended a relationship with someone and you glance upon a reminder or a just hurts.

That's how my heart was feeling. Soon after I began praying and I started saying "Lord remind Chase that he loves you" and I just kept saying Chase does love Jesus..but then it came to me..this revelation was not just a pray for Chase but for many that may be dealing with the whole love issue. God was pretty much telling me through prayer and finding this heart that some people just need to be reminded that they do love Jesus, and that Jesus loves them back.

And gosh it was so simple but you know what? Sometimes the Lord just wants us to hear us tell Him how much we love Him. YES he already knows but He wants us to just lavish Him with our love yous.

I got to a place where I was standing with my face pressed up against the wall and I just wanted so badly for God to come up and press His nose into mine. I longed for His closeness and could not stop saying "I love You". God's love for us is vibrant and beautiful and I shudder with chills just thinking about how HE SIMPLY IS LOVE.

So to anyone who may need it.
You love Jesus and He loves you back. You are deserving of His love and He doesn't love you any less because of something you may have done that you are not proud of.

Vibrant-pulsating with vigor and energy:exciting; stimulating; lively:vigorous; energetic; vital...Relatively high on the scale of brightness



unxpektd said...

once again you have touched my heart, it's almost as if you're in my thoughts daily. i really needed to read this, thanks again for always posting the truth and allowing Our Father to speak thru you to the rest of us.


the_art_of_letting_go said...

you are so very welcome Tahir. It's such a blessing to hear that the things the Lord gives me is a blessing for others.
keep pressing
keep seeking