Sunday, June 22, 2008

Case of the "Can't Sleeps"

So all thanks to some cool guy who sat in his car and left his lights on right outside my bedroom window, I am very much awake and having trouble getting back sleepies.

Lately when I've been in worship or the precense of the Lord period, I am been so lightweight and dizzy with love. The only way I know how to describe it best is I've felt like I am a feather and God blows His breath and I move where-ever the Spirit takes me. I guess it's been the newfound freedom and liberation I've found just basking in HIM. IT's been so beautiful and I pray He continued to reveal Himself to me like never before.

At MOrningStar today Matt talked about BELIEVING again. It's time our faith rise to the challenge and start believing God for the impossible. I cannot lie I was one of those who have had my faith meter down low. It's time to refuel. Things broke today and some of us just need to snap out of our mentalities and thought boxes that have restrained us from all the LOrd has.


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