Sunday, May 11, 2008

storms, tears, joy, prayer, movement

So much has transpired and continues to take place in the natural as well as the spiritual. God blows me away on a day to day basis as He is alive in me like never before.

Last night at The Well after we prayed for people the spirit came in like a gentleman that He is, and started giving people prophetic words. It turned into popcorn prophesy because after one person got a word, someone else would go up and give one, and so on and so forth. By the time it was over, everyone in attendance had received a prophetic word. I was giddy with the laughter of the Lord.

Thursday we had SEVERE storms and tornados. A section of Clemmons (where I live) got hit real bad. I am grateful my apartement complex and parent's homes were spared. My power was out for a good while but I endure via candles and cell phone lighting. Trying to get ready for work the next day obviously did not work but luckily my parents had power.

God has brought some amazing friends into my life and I know without any doubts it was God connections. David and I got to hang out with some of our new friends Friday and then met at 11:30 with a bunch of hungry young adults to pray for the city. A hour and a half of praying, interceeding, and sharing the Words God put on our lips. It excites me to see what God is doing.

Here are some updated recent pictures


Andrea said...

Wow! Lots going on recently! God is Good!!! Love the picture of you and your mama! Very cute!

unxpektd said...

glad you are safe and that you are an intercessory prayer warrior, especially after all that is happening over in China and the rest of Asia. it is very important for us Christians to intercede for others. many of us were saved thru the intercession of others. pray on sister, pray on :)

Andrea said...

I am tagging you...look on my blog for details