Thursday, July 17, 2008

God speaks in the depth of a basement

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April 27th a few of us met with some young adults from 1830 down in the Millenium Center basement downtown simply to pray. To seek God's face and pray and press.

I flipped through my journal and found the papers from this evening and forgot that I had forgot to post them in a blog and make them public. But God quickly reminded me after this weekend at the PreCall.

God does speak in the lowest and darkest places just as He did that night in the basement. In fact He was whispering words in my ear and this is what I started writing frantically...



Fervant Pursuit

Raise up an Army


The Lion of Judah





Righteous riders

Red Warriors rise up


Go forth


Open your mouth



The streets come alive

there is a CAUSE

Do you not know?

Open your eyes

Onward March

The troops...the troops

Here comes the army

Rise up Rise up Rise up

Paint the streets

Prepare ye the way

He beckons

He calls

He summons

He urges

Come beloved Come

Flood gates

Open heavens




The night before we met to pray another group had met down in the basement from Wake Forrest and had this huge keg party. As we were praying I could feel the various spirits from the previous evening and feel some of the people's hurts that had been in attendance. Near the bar area where they served alcohol at this party the night before there was gold paper and pens lying on the counter.

God took me over to the bar area and dropped the following onto the paper:

No more intoxication off cheap wine and liquor bottles with empty promises and lifeless destruction

No more temptations of a bittersweet elixer that clouds judgement and blurs vision.

No more drinking of what the world has to offer will drink (haha) but not of fleshly desires

You will drink OF THE SPIRIT and become so drunk with the power and movement of THE SPIRIT

No longer will they rush to the bars to drink.


they will come to the Father to drink of the Lord..taste the living water


Get Drunk off the HOLY SPIRIT

The new wine is flowing..prepare your wineskins.

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