Thursday, July 31, 2008

Raining and Waiting

1. I love the rain
2. I don't like waiting around
3. especially when it's regarding someone you love

Dad's been having some problems feeling up to par since the doctors started messing with his medicine. For about 3 weeks he's had a hard time at work and has been physically and mentally a mess. Today at work both his hands and arms went numb and his chest started hurting. mom had to take him to the ER. They are currently awaiting the results from all the 189438439 tests they did on him. i have been in constant prayer.

UPDATE!: Dad is okay! (Everything is normal..heart and other organs.) He had an anxiety attack from his new medicine so they told him to stop taking that junk. Praise God for His faithfulness. Thank you to anyone who was praying:)

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