Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nov 4th is almost here

Well only a few more days until November 4th creeps over America and blankets our country as individuals excerise their right to make a choice.

Prayer is crucial right now and I have been faced with those liberals who may laugh or condemn my reponse to certain rhyme or reasons for things. For example prayer, fasting. AS if God has no control over the election. I am unaffected at their words coated with such digust towards the other party I can stand it no more. I'm def ready for this election to be over. But I know we cannot give up praying and pressing in. Our country needs us. The land needs us. It's crying out and we have a voice.

To those that already voted I trust you followed the still small voice that prompted and nudged you (uneffected by brainwashing and the media's banters and skeptics). For those of you who will vote November 4th (as will I), remember your vote does matter. Don't throw it away.

Change of subject:
Boots (my cat) is doing MUCH MUCH better. The absess popped and the infection has been oooozing out. We've been hooking him up with some pretty expensive cat food so he's been feasting to say the least. The wound still looks pretty rough but he's on the upscale and is acting like his normal self. (praise the Lord)

While all the students get 2 more days to chill out for their fall break, us teachers have delightful days of training. I'm not thrilled but I'll take training over having to be at school.

David and I looked at a house today. I'm giving it to the Lord and trusting and relying on Him. It would be 100% amazing if it all worked out in our favor considering the price range and everything.

I'm reading in Hosea and 1 Kings. Once I finish I'll be sharing my insight/revelations.

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