Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th

I'm on the couch with the laptop watching MSNBC.

Today was kind of a special day.

We did not get the house.
Being bummed is an understatement.

I did my part in the election and voted, the rest is completely out of my control.

I am emotional.

That is all.

A few more hours and the next president will be determined. Oh America.

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unxpektd said...

Yes, i'm so glad all the cross party hating is over and we, as a country, can move forward in love and peace. it was a great day for our country, now we must continue to pray for our country and our new president.

to answer your question that you left on my blogpage, no i didnt get a chance to speak with the couple. they were sleep when i got off the bus so i just snapped the picture and walked to my office. good talking with you again :)