Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Wedding

I love beach weddings. The husband and I attended one last Saturday down in Ocean Isle beach. check out how gorgeous it was:

 The bride and groom being married by my old youth pastor.

It was so simple but so serene.
Starfish lined the aisle the bride walked down. 
Perfect background
They had music but the waves could have been sufficient enough.
The hubby and I had to get a beach photograph as well.
Aren't we adorable?

WE had one day where we made a trek to the beach. Luckily for having a pass to the MB national park grounds we found a perfect spot to lay out. Hotel and multi family vacationers free. 
The only bad part was the wind was picking up and we were being pelted by sand. 
which caused the 2 most pasty people on the beach to head in earlier. 

I can't wait to get back to the beach in August for the anniversary.

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ooohhh. pretty blog. I'll have to read more later!!
mrs tabb =)
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