Monday, July 25, 2011

make time..find the time..

this has been the first summer where I haven't worked at the daycare (summer camp).  After 5 years of teaching and working each summer 30 to 40 hours, I felt like this summer I would just hang out and relax, enjoy the time I had on my, craft, create, do nothing.

I have to admit.  I found myself with too much time on my hands.  All my family and friends were at work so there was limited hang out availability.  I was able to read, to rest, to relax, to do nothing....but I became restless.  I became ready to explode with action and an outlet for something.  Then it came up that my in law's needed some help working at their furniture store.  I would only be working 2 days a week and get to work those days with my husband.  I've never sold furniture in my life and it def. forced me to step out of my teaching is life comfort zone.  But it's been good to have something to do.  It's been good to be uncomfortable.

God's been speaking to me about comfort zones. How dangerous it can be if we remain, take refuge, and refuse to move out of our comfort zones.  For comfort, familiarity, can breed complacency. I'm leaning how to see God in the uncomfortable places.  In those things that scratch and provoke me (not in a bad way).  For it's in our moments of un-comfort that God requires us to step up, rely on Him, trust solely on Him, believe that He will meet us.

I also have came to the revelation through my reflections on time this summer that:
1) Idle time is no good. No friend. It leaves for idle thoughts and an open door for the enemy to step in and start whispering lies.
2) Time management is key. I have also learned that I enjoy having a schedule and following it.
3). Letting God invade my time and wreck my "schedules" is well worth it, no matter how big of a fit I pitch.

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miss macri said...

I completely agree - also being a teacher I find it SO hard to just let myself have down time during the summer. I made sure to start investing some time into things I really enjoy outside of the classroom. I'm going into my 5th year and finally feel like I am getting some balance back in my life! Great blog - look forward to reading more!