Sunday, September 30, 2007

Autumn how I love th ee

I love the promises of Fall and how Autumn has danced inside my window.
I look forward to the remaining beauty that will soon unfold as God paints the leaves with His hands.

With Fall's arrival has come nasty allergies which have turned into a fever but praise the Lord I AM AN OVERCOMER on by HIS STRIPES and those things he endured on the cross...His sufferings, His bruises, His pain...all so that I may know live eternally, and be healed. How can one not believe in the God who formed the universe and us in our mother's womb. Who can deny His existence and love, power, and protection. As the leaves turn this fall I pray so will the hearts that have been hardened.

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zanne said...

thanks so much jru! ♥ your comments are always encouraging. read my email would you? it has something to do with my most recent post. (in case you haven't yet)

love you & God bless!