Thursday, September 20, 2007

oh how i let my anger keep me away from You

Today I felt mocked by the enemy as anger and irritation rose within from something that took place around 3:45ish. I had a check coming in the mail that I needed in the bank TODAY so that I can get my car inspected (I am already a month overdue). So I get home (to my parents house actually), check the mail, and hmmmmmmmmm that's odd we have the next door neighbors mail. Where is our mail with my check? Oh who knows? It's not where it should be. So after lots of phone calls, frantic spastic moments, driving to 2 different post offices, filing a complaint, calling my boss to tell her the situation, getting home at 5:30 checkless....I had to look back and be like man I did not handle this situation at all like I wanted to. And all the while when I had been pointing fingers at the devil, my boyfriend provoked me and said "jennie have you ever thought that maybe God was trying to test/work your patience.?"

Nope I was too mad to stop and maybe try and look for the God/Good in the situation. Often times we do that to ourselves. We allow our emotions and rage to win us over and leave us tired and all bent out of shape...sinning pretty as you please. When if I would have just STOPPED and checked myself, cried out to God, and waited for HIM to help me, I could have avoided a lot of mess. Not only did I get in a hot mess but I also took some things out on the people that cared about me when it wasn't even their faults. Why do we do that?

Lord let us not let our emotions/frustrations/irritations get the best of us and yank us under the current of anger/rage/lashing out. Keep us from sin Lord as we turn away from our problems and fix our eyes on you. I ask that we no longer act our of our fleshly promptings but turn and cleave to our spiritual help. I cleave to You 2night Lord and repent for allowing the afternoon and it's events to get the best of me and cause me to sin.

So today I learned:
1. I have a lot to walk out and work on
2. Our enemy at times wants us to get so distracted in our "problems" pointing the blame on him, keeping our bodies and energies towards him,....distracting us from the still small voice that may be trying to teach us a lesson.
3. GEtting angry over something you can't exactly change at that exact moment only leads to further destruction and sin.
4.Today my kids and I read a book called STOP, drop and chill (ways to control anger). I think God was trying to prepare me this morning and speak to me through the book.

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