Thursday, January 3, 2008

Boxed In

During intercessory prayer (1.1.08) God gave me a vision of boxes and then this immediately followed:

Strip us from our boxes Lord

Our safe house...our retreat centeres that

we build, created for ourselves to hide when the going

gets tough, or we start to feel uncomfortable

We have an UNCONTAINABLE God flowing through our viens

When we stay in our boxes, and stay closeminded and fleshly driven,

we are trying to CONTAIN God.

We are trying to package Him and keep Him in the doses and amounts we can handle.

Strip our boxes and expose us in vulnerability and desperation that we have

no where to run but


I then was sketching in my visual journal and the above is what came from it. The larger box represents some churchs/institutions, the smaller boxes represent individual people. I also saw words on the boxes in my vision which represented the reasons why we build our boxes...fear, insecurity, doubt, religion...

And the various others you may now insert here: ___________________________________________________


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unxpektd said...

i am glad to know that you are an intecessor and that you know the importance of praying for others just as Jesus intercedes on our behalf.