Friday, January 25, 2008

i heart books


I love reading
but I've been so retarded with books lately. I'll pick one up, then pick up another and be engrossed in 2 or more books at one time. Does anyone else do this?

One of my 08 goals is to read over 50 books.
I am currently reading:
The River of God by Dutch Sheets
Perspectives by Colin Creel
and the Bible (I'm doing a reading track program)

I am sleepy
and need to get a few pages in


Kristi said...

Well you and I have quite a bit in common. Not only is one of my new years resolutions to read numerous novels this year...but I, too, cannot stay true to one book. I'll get to the point where i'll be engrossed in about 4 or 5 different novels. I'm rarely able to actually finish any. Best of luck!

I highly recomend "Finding Alice". It's an incredible book that I was actually able to finish. Couldn't put it down :)

the_art_of_letting_go said...

it's good to know I'm not alone.
It's def something I need to work on.
Thanks for the recommendation of the book.
I will look into it.

Mrs_PJ said...

haha yes. i've got to stop doing that. i don't know where the time comes from but somehow i am reading 3 to 4 books at a time (that includes the Bible)