Saturday, January 19, 2008

can you feel it in your veins? moving through your body?

After reading an article in RELEVANT magazine regarding the New Aged Atheists, my prayers and petitions to God began to rise with an urgent force. I remember asking God, "What about the atheists? How will You work their hearts? What should I pray?..".....

We cannot be silenced, but we must not engage in a battle full of heated debates and banters that leave us looking less like Christians and leaving behind the most important key ingredient...THE LOVE OF GOD...

As I was praying, and later meditating upon the word, I became full of peace as the Lord showed me multiple things. I saw men and women of God that will carry the wisdom of the Lord with such a fire that when they open their mouths to speak, all those in attendance (Christians and non-christians) will fall to the floor and KNOW that GOD IS REAL.

I saw radical and miraculous signs and wonders..blind eyes opened, limbs growing back, healings, deliverances...such supernatural greatness that causes the hairs on your arm to stick up and even the hardest atheist would not be able to deny God's existence or power.

I saw scrolls full of words that will silence, hush, shut up any argument made against God.

I saw this huge candle with a large flame. Whoever carried the candle would walk into dark places , hidden spaces, and the flame would melt the hardness and expose the dark. Once those things in the dark adjusted to the light, they wanted to follow the light, be near the warmth. The light of Christ was leading them out of darkness.

I saw arrows of authority being shot into Christians' backs and once they were hit, their whole entire body vibrated with this newfound power to move, change, liberate, justify, and make ready a way.

I wanted to see more..I knew there was more to see, but this was enough to move me to pray

to share this with others

to hopefully burn this motivation and desire in others to

pray, interceed, get into God like never before

Something HUGE is coming..and He will use those with hungry and ready hearts.

God told me that all the things I saw were not just for my inquiries regarding the atheists...those who are agnostic and looking for truth.

But rather He said, "Jennie, this is for all those who need me, this is for the world."

The closer we go with God, the more He's going to entrust to us. I want to be reliable. I want to be trustworthy.

We must go harder, deeper with a deligence that won't let up nor back down.

Some of you may feel the currents of God move through you right now. He's speaking. But how can you help? What can you do?

It's simple. It's everywhere

It's avaliable

...fall deeper in love with God, repent of your wrongdoings, fast, PRAY PRAY PRAY, drown yourself in the Word, set the Lord as a seal upon your heart, worship, attend church, bible studies, minster to someone everday, reach out to the hurt and broken, buy someone lunch, bless someone, pray for someone, sit with an elderly person and just be with them, love your enemies, exercise your gifts, have faith to move a mountain, be faithful, give, ...

it's endless

but we must do something

It moves.

It rumbles

It's coming


I don't know..

all I know is I wanna be there to find out

Dont' you?


unxpektd said...

wow, i'm going to print this post of yours and keep it with me. God truly had you write that blog as He desired. the more i read your blog and view your pics the more i know i need to saturate myself more and more into God's Word. The more i seek the outside world's approval the more off the mark i become. it's only by seeking God more will i allow His will to be done in and thru me. thank you miss Jennie


the_art_of_letting_go said...

Tahir, I am glad that God can use my blogs to speak to you.
He is moving and stirring upon your heart just as in the beginning when He moved upon the waters. You will be in my prayers:)

unxpektd said...

thank you :)

ashley said...