Thursday, October 30, 2008

feeling productive!

Today was a great start to Fall Break.
I woke up early (not that I wanted to) to meet David so we could go check out a church/family life center as a possible wedding venue. Parts of it I was like "yeah God this is what's up" others I was like "God you gotta work ALL of the small details out as well." We prayed before we went so I'm trusting God is going to help us out.

I wrote out my 30 day prior notice to my apartment letting them know once my lease is up in December I will not be renewing. Gotta get out of the apartment life period. It's like a vaccuum you get sucked into and getting out is a lot harder than you would think. Still waiting on the next steps to be fine tuned but again I'm trusting God with that as well.

I called PEAK fitness to find out what I needed to do to cancel my membership. They directed me to ABC financial and hopefully the ball will get rolling and that junk will process and be DONE in 30 days.

I also called FITNESS 2000 to inquire about their membership prices (it will be closer to where I am moving and David has a membership there) I need motivation and accountability and David and his whole family go there. I go Saturday to set something up.

I went to visit all my CMCC daycare babies and take pictures for mom of the Halloween parade. They were all precious.

I love feeling productive and accomplished. It's hard to get things done during the school day (make phone calls, inquire, etc). AND My apartment is clean (thanks to my motivation last night).

I think I'll go treat myself to a nice nap now:)

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