Saturday, October 11, 2008

Green notebook

I keep forgetting to bring my green notebook in from the car. My green notebook is where I scribble and write teachings, words, visions from the Lord during The Well. There are many things the Lord has given me that I've wanted to post..but just keep forgetting. He gently reminded me while I grabbed a cup of green tea to open it up and share something on here.

Vision I saw during prayer:

During prayer I saw a building made out of glass. Behind the glass were people of all ages (men, women, children, teenagers, young adults). Many of us were across the way basking in the presence of the Lord..praising, worshipping, dancing, singing...Joy was all around us but yet here were these people contained in this glass building. They watched from behind the glass and their eyes told stories of being trapped but wanting to come out an dplay with the Lord. I saw some faces that I recognized. As I danced and played with the Lord I started praying. "Lord why won't they come out here? Why do they remain restrained and closed up from what's in front of them? They can see us Lord but why can't they get to us?"

I then asked "is this the church Lord?" and He said "No, look beside you and all around you, that is the church." So I asked again reforming the questions "So what is that building for Lord? What keeps them behind the glass looking but ONLY looking?"

..."That is religion, false teachings, the deception and lies, the poison, the resistor."

I decided to take a step or two closer. The closer I got I saw it was not a building at all but rather a single sheet of glass. There were no other walls around it. All they had to do was turn and walk around it.

Turn aside from this man made religion and walk towards the Hope of Glory.

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