Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A living testimony

One of my 2009 goals is to read through the whole Bible with this bible reading track program I found. I decided to start tonight and had some heavy reading (Sunday-Tuesday)but felt good that I started. Once I got to Tuesday's reading it was Joshua Chapters 1-5.

Chapter 3-4 is when God gives directions for crossing the Jordan and divides the Jordan river so that the Ark of the Covenant and the Israelites may pass through. Once everyone passed over safely, God instructs Joshua to take 12 men and get 12 stones to serve as a memorial for when the the Jordan river was parted.

This would serve not only as a memorial but a testimony of God so that all the people of the earth might know the hand of God. The Lord had me stop and ponder about the 12 stones and I couldn't get the word testimony out of my spirit. It just kept sticking out like a bright highlighter. The Lord then reminded me of why we experience or go through different emotions, situations, circumstances, ups, downs, trials, hardships, victories, etc......So that we may share with others our testimony of God's hand in it all...of God's goodness, His mercies, His grace, His GLORY, His LOVE and kindess.

I just felt encougaged to be mindful of the importance of our testimonies. Some day there will be someone who crosses our path that needs to hear what we've been through, what the Lord has done for us. Our hurts could be someone's healings. Our past deliverances could open the door for a person to come to know the Lord and become free from bondage. God doesn't give us stuff so that we may be selfish and keep it for ourselves. Trust me He's dealt with me about hoarding all the words/revelations He gives me. They aren't meant to sit on a shelf and collect dust.

I just felt encouraged to encourage others to not hold back if God gives you something to say to someone, or an opportunity to share something that He's done for you. YOu have 12 stones deep within your spirit. I'm not talking about literal stones, I'm talking about a touch of God's hand on your life that has changed you.

We are a living testimony. Walk it out.

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