Monday, March 23, 2009

You are all I want..You are all I need

Where to begin? Other than to say God is amazing to the zillioneth degree. Last weekend Breaking Point and some other awesome folks packed up the 15 passenger van and headed to Myrtle beach South Carolina for a ministry opp. Friday-Sunday was everything I needed and although I did not go to be minstered to but rather to minister...God is such a sweet lover because in the midst of me stepping out and ministering, He wrapped me up in His arms and blew peace and rest into my nostrils. David and I were prayed over as a couple that weekend which was really awesome. It was kind of one of those reality checks making everything we are about to step into more real. We were connected spiritually on a deeper level this weekend and it has def brought us closer.

Bible study was also amazing last Thursday. God truely set up divine appointments and at one point came in and interuppted the flow and schedule of the night. He knew what we each needed that night and I am greatful for the touches He sent down. His presence was pretty thick up in the living room here at 6940. He is always avaliable to us.

Since coming back I have been lit with the fire of God. It's been stirring through my veins and everything has been exciting..fresh...I couldn't stop thinking about going on another minstry trip. But then God revealed to me that I have opportunities on a daily basis to minister to others and it shouldn't take a "trip" to get me all fired up. But it did and that's okay. Because sometimes we need to have God fan the flame and stir the pot of passion.

Wedding plans are continuing to progress along. It's hard to believe how fast time is moving. It's almost April. 159 more days to go~!

I started having pain today in my mouth(the whole bottom rows) I had this feeling it was something related to my wisdom teeth. So I ended up going in to the dentist for X rays and found out my wisdom teeth are growing in sideways into the bone/root of my other teeth which is causing an infection which is where the pain is coming from. So tomorrow I have my consultation with the oral surgeon to find out when I have these bad boys CUT out. EEEK, NOt at all excited and very nervous but I'm trusting God for this one.

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