Friday, January 2, 2009

George Muller quotables

Part of our day 2 discovery was to Google George Muller (do it for yourself:))

I found a site that contained some quotes from him and I especially enjoyed reading what he wrote regarding prayer:

Go for yourself, with all your temporal and spiritual wants, to the Lord. Bring also the necessities of your friends and relatives to the Lord. Only make the trial, and you will perceive how able and willing He is to help you. Should you, however, not at once obtain answers to your prayers, be not discouraged; but continue patiently, believingly, perseveringly to wait upon God: and as assuredly as that which you ask would be for your real good, and therefore for the honour of the Lord; and as assuredly as you ask it solely on the ground of the worthiness of our Lord Jesus, so assuredly you will at last obtain the blessing. I myself have had to wait upon God concerning certain matters for years, before I obtained answers to my prayers; but at last they came. At this very time, I have still to renew my requests daily before God, respecting a certain blessing for which I have besought Him for eleven years and a half, and which I have as yet obtained only in part, but concerning which I have no doubt that the full blessing will be granted in the end...

The great point is, that we ask only for that which it would be for the glory of God to give to us; for that, and that alone, can be for our real good. But it is not enough that the thing for which we ask God be for His honour and glory, but we must

secondly ask it in the name of the Lord Jesus, viz., expect it only on the ground of His merits and worthiness.

Thirdly, we should believe that God is able and willing to give us what we ask Him for.

Fourthly, we should continue in prayer till the blessing is granted; without fixing to God a time when, or the circumstances under which, He should give the answer. Patience should be in exercise, in connection with our prayer.

Fifthly, we should, at the same time, look out for and expect an answer till it comes. If we pray in this way, we shall not only have answers, thousands of answers to our prayers; but our own souls will be greatly refreshed and invigorated in connection with these answers.


Zanne said...

Well that post was a mouthful! lol. But in a good way. So what's your read-the-Bible-in-365-days method? Are you doing it from cover to cover?

George Muller quote: awesome

Sharing more: always a good thing

the_art_of_letting_go said...

a mouthful?
My read-the-bible-in a year is through a track thing that breaks it down into weeks. but each day you read a different part of the bible
example: Sunday you read from the gospel (starting with Matthew)Monday you read from the Law (starting with Geneis), Tuesday is History (starting with Josuah), Wednesday is Pslams, Thursday is Poetry (starting with JOb) Friday is Prophecy (starting with ISaiah) and Saturday is the Epistles (starting with Romans)

does that make sense?

Zanne said...

Ok, yeah it makes sense (the Bible track.) I just finished the first 11 chapters of Genesis and my track is about to take me to Job tomorrow on a detour until Jan 16, where its back to finishing Genesis. This also means I won't touch the NT until October 2009. I think it's good for me because I'm a little biased and tend to read the NT more often but I'm seeing already that God has hidden gems all over the Hebrew Bible (OT) as well.

I said your post was a mouthful because there was so much to read, take in, ponder, consider. That's a good thing. LOL!