Friday, January 16, 2009

New addition to the family!

So Kaylee made it home Tuesdsay and is getting adjusted to her new home and brother.
She went to the vet today and they said she was beautiful and healthy. She has to keep her stitches in until next Friday which sucks because that means no jumping, running, hard core activity..and she does ALL of those things. Poor Josiah. She chases him round and round and tries to bite him. He's not a big fan as of right now but she loves him.

If anyone is looking for a doggie I suggest adopting a dog or puppy because they are the ones that need you.
Kaylee's brother is here and some other precious puppies and dogs.
Check it out

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Zanne said...

aww...poor josiah...he just needs some love/reassurance he's not forgotten and he'll eventually get over and like having kaylee around.:-)

when my dad brought home "zip" (pit mix), our mutt "raven" was annoyed...a couple years later they mated (greaaaaaaaaaaat! hahahaha!) but your dogs have been taken care of so you won't have that problem. :)

p.s. happy b'day girl! mucho amor