Thursday, May 31, 2007

4 of 40

So it seems my revelations will be posted a day later. For I haven't had my date with Jesus yet, but want to get down the things I grasped as revelatory from Wednesday afternoon/evening.

I started with.

Elijah comes forth as a prophet of God in 1 Kings 17 with the prediction of drought ("there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word-v 1). God sends Elijah to Cherith where he is to drink from the brook and be fed by the ravens. God then sends him to Zarephath where a widow will be to take care of him. Elijah ame into the city with genuine faith and trust in God's words of instruction. How many of us today (including myself) would allow our natural minds to spin us into doubt with a whirlwind of unimportant questions?

All the widow had was sticks, some meal, and a little oil. The state of her poverty can be found in her response to Elijah ("I am gathering two sticks that I may go in and prepare it for me and my son, that we may eat it and die). But Elijah gave the word of the Lord which brought hope that the flour will not be used up nor the oil would run dry. And so in obedience the widow went and did what was asked of her.

Soon past the widow's son becomes severely sick, to the point of death. The widow then turns to Elijah questioning his reasons for coming (Art thou come unto me to call my sin to rememberance and to slay my son? v18?) *In this time and place suffering was mistakenly considered to be the result of sin*

Elijah then takes the boy to the upper room and cries out to God. He then stretches himself upon the boy 3 times and cried unto the Lord and said "Oh Lord My God I pray thee, let this child's soul come into him again"

Lord, let this too be our hearts cry for the youthful souls that are dead, not in body but in spirit. Let our posture of prayer be that of Elijah, let us lay over the grounds of our fathers and cry out for their dead and dying souls. Revive those souls just as You did the widow's son in v 22.

Points that I pulled from the scipture:
1. There is a drought in the land and there has been for some time now. (obviously-duh)A spiritual drought in the body of Christ. It is up to us to press in and pray for the much needed rains to fall.
2. Let faith arise- When God says go here, let us go and fully believe all will be taken care of.
When we can't see more than 5 feet in front of us, let our faith carry a trust so strong we wont' mind falling into the unknown, for we've already been caught.
3. Obedience- saying Yes to God and no to anything else that tries to pull us away from Him
4. Posture of prayer/intercession -will make a huge difference in breakthroughs. It may seem, feel, or look silly but if God tells you to stand on your head to must be worth doing.
Posture of prayer has continued to rise up in my spirit even today. I know there is more to it , need to seek deeper.

Church last night: Good word, something felt missing though.
Julian spoke of the fire of God and how we are to embrace it and not run from it.
From my notes: (In daniel 3-the fiery furnace) "The very thing the enemy used against them was the very same thing that was burned/consumed in the flames/fire.
*God allows us to go through the fire for that we can get promoted/grow closer to Him
*Isaiah 6:5-Isaiah's confession "Woe is me for I am undone, I am a man of unclean lips"
The seraphim then flew from the altar (which represents fire) to cleanse Isaiah's lips with the coal.
The fire of God is cleansing and removing those things that condemn us. Once Isaiah has been purged he is then ready for the CALL.
(JRU SIDENOTE: The initial heart of repentance, admitting the condition of man, and confession MUST COME FIRST before the fire can fall to cleanse, to purge, to prepare)

*God wants to sit as a refiner in our lives and burn out everything that is NOT OF HIM.

the irony of my title for my blog cannot be ironic at all.

it's a wrap
i'm done here
for now.

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