Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hearing..and listening..seeking and needing

Moses and the Burning Bush
: through this exchange of talking bushes and Moses stopping to listen it's obvious that God had something important for Moses. Moses did not have to question too long, nor stop to read the chapter entitled "how to hear from God". There was something about that voice..that presentation and delivery of authority that moved Moses into an "all ears" position:
Oh Lord how I long for the obvious, for my ears seem to deafened or maybe You've just kept quiet, kept things hidden and have been waiting for the right time to open Your mouth and drop words of instruction into my ears. I pray I haven't been too busy or distracted to notice any obvious doors You've opened. If the record has been playing, I need it to skip and play the part over and over again that is the answer to my questions. I just ask for open air waves and obvious signs. So obvious and in my face that I become sick of it. I cannot let up until I find peace.

...........I am desperate for something, anything that will sustain me..(sustain me with raisen cakes for I am sick with love)-song of songs. Needing You to prepare a place for me in the midst of all that hurts so I can come and seek whats on Your heart. As much as I've wanted to I cannot turn too far from what weighs heavily on my heart. There is no peace in this state of limbo Lord. The urgency cries out and refuses to be denied.
"Listen to me!
Hear me!
I"m screaming to Thee,
deny me not my heart"
For too long that's all I have done. Denied my emotions and feelings a voice.
oh how I need to hear His voice minister to my soul.
"Painted plastic smiles put on for it's easier to pretend
the pretty girl is perfectly patterned and put together.
Perhaps pictures skim the surface and portray a false presentation
of what lies in the depths of
Pick me apart"


Zanne said...

and that desire...that sense of urgency...will receive it's answer(s). fear not. wait on the LORD. he is strengthening you even as he seems to delay.

Zanne said...

yea i mind hasn't been right which is why i havent responded to your email yet. haven't forgotten about u sweety, but there's no point in me opening my mouth and letting garbage come out.