Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ah sweet lightbulbs of revelation

I've wrestled with such a heaviness that at times I've felt suffocated in grime and muck. The will power to fight had certainly escaped my hands and my spirit felt like it had just dove headfirst into a gigantic pool of mud. NOt just any mud, but rather the deep black "stains your fingers for a day or two" mud.

Oh but praise God for shoving me forward into the "Jennie are you kidding? Get up and fight" mode, while blanketing down bursts of revelation as my face soaked the carpet.

Romans 6 pertains to our freedom from sin's power. As I began to read verses 4, 7, 11-13: I had my ah'ha moment that broke the veil to what would be the start to my healing process. Yes God's word says that I am free from sin and walk in newness of life but maybe, just maybe there was stored up sin lingering in my life. Maybe just maybe there was somewhere that I was entertaining sin, or came into contact with a spirit full of sin, or perhaps since my guard has been down...i had unawarely invited sin into my life. Not to mention if these things hold as valid, there must be sin I haven't repented of. Perhaps that is why I have felt so dirty and unworthy because a dirty intruder entered in and I didn't even have my bodyguard in position.

I am no longer in bondage to sin but rather I am a servant of righteousness (6:18)

"Glory in tribulations knowing that tribulations produce perserverance (patience) and patience produces character, and character hope..and hope does not disappoint us (romans 5:4-5) Have not my tribulations tried to belittle and destroy me? But through Christ and with the KING OF GLORY will they not in the end...strengthen my patience, character, and catapult my standard of hope?

and does Your word not further say that

If I hope for what I DO NOT SEE..with patience I wait for it?

Repentance falls and hope lands upon my soul and builds a nest inside my spirit.

Things are looking up after all.

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Zanne said...

thank you for the encouragement my sister. and may God strengthen you in your fast as well. ♥